How to Earn More YouTube Views for Your Music Video

People across the world turn to YouTube every day to discover the latest tutorials, funny videos, and life-changing stories. It can also help your brand reach people of all ages from around the globe, while driving traffic to your website or social media pages. So, if you want more people to connect with your channel, discover how to earn more YouTube views for your music video.

The Right Video Title

1.5 billion monthly users choose to log in to YouTube to watch mobile video, and the title you choose can determine whether you experience a small or large part of this percentage.

The video title will either hook a viewer in or encourage them to click on the next video. You must carefully create your title if you want users to choose your video over another. So, carefully explain what the video is about. For example, you could write “How to Successfully Play the Piano” or indicate that this is your debut single, which might people want to listen to an emerging artist. Aim to briefly explain what the video is while developing a unique and compelling title.

Add an Eye-catching Thumbnail

A thumbnail is a little like a book jacket, as it will capture your audience’s attention and convince them to click on your video. The thumbnail will often appear in the sidebar on YouTube, and the more eye-catching it is, the more likely a visitor will click on it.

Making a creative thumbnail doesn’t have to be complex. All you need to do is use the free YouTube thumbnail creator, which will allow you to select the best size, shape, theme, typography, and images.

Use Keywordspa

YouTube is the second largest search engine, and you can optimize your videos to rank higher in its search results. To make your way to the top of the search results, you need to incorporate keywords into the title, tags, and video description. Does your video contain text? You can also naturally incorporate them into your video; however, don’t stuff them with keywords or it will appear ‘spammy,’ and your video could consequently be penalized.

Write an Engaging Video Description

Another way to boost your ranking in YouTube’s search results is to write a compelling video description. Many video makers often overlook the importance of a video description, but it could help to attract more visitors. The description doesn’t have to be long. You should aim to briefly summarize what the video is about in two or three paragraphs – and ensure you naturally include your keywords.

Make Your Videos Shareable

Optimize your YouTube videos to ensure they are shareable on social media platforms. All YouTube videos feature embed codes, which will allow viewers to post your video on any website or platform. You should also share your videos on your own social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter, incorporate it into your blog, and email the video to your subscribers. Social bookmarking websites are ideal for sharing YouTube videos, too, so submit your unique URL to Digg, Stumbleupon and Reddit, which could make your video go viral.

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