7 Bands That Lost KEY Members And Survived

How important is each member to their band?

It is usually said that bassists fulfill the most important role within a band, however, talking about a band’s value as a whole, it is the whole crew that is adding something to it. Sometimes, it is the drummer that adds the band’s touch or the guitarist who plays that special note you will remember forever. All in all, the value of the most popular bands depends on the value of each of their members. This is the reason why, when a member decides to leave the band, the rest of the crew always has a difficult time. Unfortunately, each time a member leaves, the band needs to either stop its entire activity or simply reinvent itself in another form.

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How often do bands lose their members in the music industry?

The music industry deserves a special attention, as this is one of the industries where a lot of tragic deaths occur, mostly because of excessive drugs and alcohol. When talking about big popular bands, it is often easy to lose control over the substances you consume and surpass the limit where you are using them just to relax, create, or have fun with your friends. Alcohol and drugs might give you the illusion of a panacea for stress and tension, however, the consumption of these substances can often lead to death, causing the band to continue without one of the members. However, having to continue without that member can sometimes be difficult, especially if that person was a key member. Let’s see the 7 top bands that lost their key members and still managed to reinvent themselves:

  1. Queen is one of the first examples that cross one’s mind when thinking about bands that lost key members, in this case, Freddy Mercury, one member that was very hard to replace. Although big names, such as Luciano Pavarotti or Elton John, were chosen to provide the vocals for the band, Mercury’s voice, interpretation, and unique tone remained unparalleled. Despite this, the band continued to give concerts all over the world, with numerous artists interpreting Mercury’s exceptional artistic act.
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  1. Talking about the legacy living on, Red Hot Chili Peppers is another example of a remarkable band that has lost one of their initial members, Hillel Slovak, because of an overdose. However, the 2 members left behind decided to move on, taking into their band other 2 exceptional artists, who managed to turn the band into one of the ‘90s’ hypes, just like free craps game online no download.
  2. Moving forward is not always easy, however, it is the correct thing to do when you are such a famous band as The Rolling Stones and you represent an entire generation. When they lost one of the key members, the guitarist Bryan Jones, The Rolling Stones were faced with the hardest thing to do: a live concert two days after, which they transformed into a tribute paid to their lost member.
  3. In most of the bands, the lost member continued playing an important role even after his absence. An example of that is Metallica’s Cliff Burton, who even after his tragic death, continued to leave a mark on the band’s members and give them the strength to continue making music for their fans.
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  1. Sometimes, the member who has marked the band forever with his absence would inspire the band to take the legacy further and also be the main muse of their future songs. This is the case with AC/DC which, after losing their main vocalist, Bon Scott, continued playing. They even launched Back in Black, which was a big hit and it was entirely dedicated to Scott.
  2. Members of the rock bands were often the victims of heavy drug abuse and alcohol, which, when not being monitored, can lead to a member losing his focus and not being able to be part of the band anymore. This happened with Syd Barrett, a leading member of Pink Floyd, who pushed himself out of the band through drug addiction and depression.
  3. Even if Bon Jovi’s members didn’t go through many changes, there still was a member called Alec John Such who, after being part of the initial band, decided to leave his colleagues. This didn’t affect Bon Jovi, as they continued to make history and became the rock-pop legends.
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Do bands lose fans when they lose their key members?

The bands mentioned above can be easily called legends, as their legacy continued to live even after the important members were lost. More importantly, a band counts, to a great extent, on its fans and their support through hard times, such as the times when they need to continue without a member. At the same time, this is when the fans’ trust and dedication to the band are tested and this is the moment where they can play a decisive role in the band making its comeback.

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