5 One-Hit Wonders That You Still Hum to Today

After Sinead O’Connor convinced us that “Nothing Compares to You”, and was never heard from ever again, the term one-hit wonder became used more and more, as bands continued to blow our minds and then drifted straight into oblivion. In this article, we are going to remind you of five such one-hit wonders that we are certain you still know the lyrics to.

Soul Asylum – Runaway Train

Released in 1992, “Runaway Train” catapulted Minneapolis band Soul Asylum to instant fame. Their heartbreaking song came out of lead singer, Dave Pirner’s own battle with depression and it was, in fact, its genuine approach that finally stole the show. However, Pirner had been working on the song for about five years until it reached the version we all know and love. And while his effort was immensely appreciated by the fans, it was not something that could be felt in all the band’s albums. Even though Soul Asylum remained a one-hit wonder, “Runaway Train” is a classic that any rock lover out there still knows the lyrics to.

Semisonic – Closing Time

This is yet another iconic song of the 90’s that failed to produce a successful band. Semisonic released “Closing Time” in 1998 and it became the ultimate bar song of the time. “One last call for alcohol, so finish your whiskey or beer” was something that everybody could relate to on a night of barhopping. Then the chorus really hit a chord, so “Closing Time” became an instant favorite. However, it was only years later that Dan Wilson, Semisonic’s vocalist, explained that the public has misinterpreted the song enormously, as it had nothing to do with bars, last calls, or even lonely nights. As it turns out, the song was about his daughter who was born prematurely and had to spend many months in the hospital. If “I know who I want to take me home” has an entirely different meaning now, rest assured that you are not the only one feeling surprised.

The Crimea – Lottery Winners on Acid

Boasting from the vast era of indie rock and roll, “Lottery Winners on Acid” was all the rave back in 2005. Now think of all those EuroMillions winners and just how happy they must be with their windfalls, then expand that with an intense acid trip, and you will get just how it feels to be in love, at least according to indie band, The Crimea. A song of the 2000’s with an intense 90’s feel, “Lottery Winners on Acid” was one that everybody fell for. As you may expect, The Crimea never got to have platinum albums, but this song made them a household name for the indie generation.

The Fray – How to Save a Life

In 2007, people began to think that the pop era had come to an end. But as The Fray masterfully demonstrated, there is no limit to what a good ballad could achieve. “How to Save a Life” was suddenly featured in every medical TV series out there from Scrubs to Grey’s Anatomy, which made the band’s fanbase even larger. With heartbreaking lyrics and a premise that anybody can relate to, all wrapped in some gut-wrenching vocals, this 2007 song is one that every millennial out there knows by heart. As expected, The Fray never went beyond the boundaries of pop-rock, but their song remains a milestone for anxious teenagers.

The Calling – Wherever You Will Go

In 2001, every single teenage girl was crying her eyes out singing along to “Wherever You Will Go” hoping that some Alex Band-like Prince Handsome will love them that much one day. The Calling got off to an excellent start, as they had this hit song on radios far and wide. They even appeared in “Coyote Ugly”, a box office hit about an aspiring singer. But not even Alex Band’s impressive vocals or his army of teenage fan girls would keep The Calling alive for long, as the band never had a second hit the size of “Wherever You Will Go”. With frustration building up, it only took a dash of internal discord to dissolve the band completely a few years later. But while The Calling may be history, this song continues to break hearts even in 2017.

We may not heat much about The Calling, Soul Asylum, or Semisonic in the near future, but every time you’re going to hear their iconic songs, you are going to be filled with an immense nostalgia. So, sing along proudly and have fun because these songs will live forever, unlike the bands that sang them.

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