How Music Has Influenced Games

Music is a key part in most peoples’ lives from the very beginning. Even as babies and infants, music plays a role, and that carries through with us all, as we grow and mature.  For many people they can’t go a day without actually listening to music, be it their favourite band, album or record; and this shows just how powerful music itself is. What we have also seen over the years is that music has the power to influence other forms of entertainment too, one of those being games.

Games, like music, are one of the most popular forms of entertainment on the planet and just like music again they’re similar in the fact that there are numerous different forms and types of games too. Board games are one of the more traditional types of games to ever hit the market and have been around many years. They were influenced by music in various ways too. We’ve seen games based on bands such as Duran Duran and New Kids on the Block. There have been games made about megastars such as Elvis, as well as the more generic music board games too; such as Encore which puts your music knowledge to the test.

Music has always had a big say when it comes to gaming, and the fact that it has continuously influenced the market shows just how important and popular music is in society today. Just like board games, video game producers have taken inspiration from music for a long while too. Music based video game shave been around for decades too, we saw Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker hit the market back in 1990; which was hugely popular with music fans, as was Revolution X a few years later which was heavily influenced by Aerosmith.

As time has progressed, so has technology, and this has not only led to more music based video games but better quality ones too. Rock Band is one of the most well-known to hit the market over more recent times. This allowed players to actually simulate the performance of song being played with their friends. There have been a few spin offs with one of the biggest being The Beatles: Rock Band. The game series showed just how great and influential music can be and it managed to bring the performing of music to life for everybody via their television screen.

The success of incorporating music and harnessing its influence hasn’t gone unnoticed in other areas too. For example, we’re now seeing slot game developers creating slot machines for people to enjoy at online casino operators like Unibet, that are based on music too. There have been slot games based on bands such as Guns n Roses and Motorhead, as well as games based on artist like Michael Jackson and Jimi Hendrix too. Music’s inspiration has never been stronger and so far outreaching. In fact, we suspect music will always be not only part of our lives, but will also be an important influence in near enough everything that we do.

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