Why Better Organization Skills Can Help Your Band Thrive

Whatever you’re trying to achieve with your band, there is a certain amount of management involved, as well as creativity and, of course, musical talent. You may have some great songs and be able to put on a good show, but if you aren’t able to organize yourselves to get good gigs, promote yourselves and develop your new material efficiently, you may never reach your full potential period

Whether you are a band who plays covers at weddings and other events, or you are a band looking to get a recording contract and release demos, upping your organizational skills and using the right tools can give you a lot of benefits.

Here are just three of them:

Organizing Your Marketing

Every band has to do some form of marketing. Whether it is knowing which venues you would like to play at and when you should be approaching them about this, promoting your music for download on the internet, or getting people to make bookings for you as a function band, things like social media will be very important to you. By having a good structure for keeping your social media activities planned and monitored, you can ensure that you are always engaging with the people important to you, such as venue owners, record label management, potential function band clients and, of course, your fans.

Brainstorming Ideas

Another reason to ensure that you’re using the right tools to manage the different things going on with your band is that you can use technology to brainstorm ideas together more effectively. One of the best things about being in a band is having a group of people with shared objectives and being able to take input from all of them. When you are able to collaborate online this can be done, even when it is difficult to schedule band meetings or practice sessions. Using good apps and other organizational tools means you can work together and also keep band members who may not be able to make every session in the loop.

Sharing Resources

A third reason to make sure that your band is well organised is that when you use things like shared repositories for your band’s assets, you can make sure that everybody who needs them has access to everything, from contact details for the people you get your guitars from, resources on the web you found useful (for instance, buzzharmony.com), photographic assets you use in promotional activities, and even the band’s shared calendar so everyone can see when bookings have been made or when studio time has been scheduled.

It may not sound very rock ‘n’ roll, but learning to use productivity tools and organize your band like a business can help you both from the point of view of raising your reputation and income, and from a creative perspective. Consider using some of the tools that businesses use in terms of apps and software and look at how you can apply these to your specific needs as a band.

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