Musicians Who Rock at Gambling


Music and Casino games go together. There will always be a soundtrack on any game that you play, it can be any tune, but most online casinos are inclined to using tunes that players are most familiar with. It keeps them glued to their games on the online casino games more so when a player can sing along. There is always a harmonious relationship between gambling and music industries, with great artists like Jimi Hendrix, Guns N Roses, Motorhead being among the popular musicians who have their tracks used in dedicated online and mobile slots with their name. The following are some of the famous musicians who make gambling rock.

Frank Sinatra

He is a synonymous figure in the world of casino. He was a regular player at Vegas before it changed to be a place for the wealthy and famous. Together with Presley, Martin and Davis Junior, Sinatra assisted in linking gambling and music have strong connections in Vegas to date. He would try some of the casino games even though in most of the times, Sinatra likes to relax and sip his whiskey in a lounge chair. His patronage improved the rating of Cal-Neva Lodge, Nevada a great deal.

Scott Ian

Anthrax Scott Ian is one of the musicians who seriously rocks the casino world. He is Anthrax’s founding member, the all famous heavy metal band. He is a pro in headbanging and shredding chords on stage. When he isn’t on the stage though, he used to be in a casino busy playing his favourite casino game, poker. He certainly also plays online casino poker while not in a brick-and-mortar casino. He learned to play on the road and so tested his skills on the circuit of professionals. He participated in a tournament that was organized for charity back in 2006, and he won, a thing that strengthened his passion for the game. From there he got the confidence to compete in the World Series of Poker (WSOP). The introduction of online casinos was a great relief to those who can’t stop their love towards gambling.

Harry Styles

Losing is one of the things that happen to most casino players, but that is an obvious occurrence. You can lose or win in a casino game or when at a traditional casino hall. If you ask the former member of One Direction band, the worst thing that ever happened to him as a casino player was being escorted out of Las Vegas Casino for being not of age. He managed to make some good money from his music career and at just above 20 years of age, he was worth over £51 million. He loves to have some good time just like everybody, and his best pastime activity is playing casino games. They can be in a traditional casino hall or online casinos.

The trip he and his bandmates took to Sin City in 2012 is when he got the bad experience. He was looking forward to indulging in his passion for recreating The Hangover scenes. They, however, did not get a chance like Alan of The Hangover because before hitting the tables, they were shown the door just because they were under 21 years of age. Rules are always different across regions. Styles, in this case, couldn’t enjoy the game that he freely does back in his native Britain, because according to rules there at Sin City, they were not old enough to enjoy the good things that Vegas had to offer.

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