Seven ways to get onto music scene

Have you always had a burning desire to play an instrument, record a track, sing in a choir, or take to the stage in a musical? Maybe you showed some flair for the performing arts at school and never pursued it? Well, if you still think you’ve got the musical creativity inside you, then you’re never too old to put it to good use. Being a performer, singer or actor can be a fulfilling experience, as you put your talents on show! Here are some ways to make use of your musical creativity.

Take some lessons

Whether it’s singing or playing an instrument which you’d really like to do, lessons can be a great way to get you into it. They give you the chance to brush up on any existing skills, develop new ones, and build your confidence. You could go for a group lesson on a regular basis or one-to-one tutorials. It’s worth asking around your friends, family, and work or college colleagues to see if they have any recommendations. Maybe they know of a good piano teacher, a guitar guru or a sensational singing coach.

It’s also worth shopping around for the best deal. You may find that individual teachers, providing coaching around other commitments, may work out cheaper for you. Go online and see who’s available locally to you and what kind of deals they can offer on courses.

Join a band

If you’ve got your instrument playing skills to a good level, then you should consider joining a band or maybe even form one of your own. It can be a social thing to start with, playing with your friends or work colleagues, practicing and finding your style. Then you could move onto the local performing circuit, getting some gigs at local bars, restaurants or other venues. You never know – you might get spotted by a talent scout in the audience who takes you onto big things!

Being in a band means you can bring all sorts of musical instrument skills with you. You could be an ace drum player, or brilliant on the guitar. You may also be the singing of the band, taking up the lead vocals job. Being in a band can be very sociable too. Not because of the group you’re hanging out with, but also because of the many people who you’ll meet at venues and will hopefully be won over by your style!

Sing your way into a choir

If you’ve already had some singing lessons, or your vocals are already hitting the right notes, then why not think about joining a choir? If you live in a busy town or city, there’s bound to be some on your doorstep, whether it’s a local singing group or a church-based choir. Have a look around for one and then arrange to go and see them in action during rehearsals or at an actual performance.

Choirs can be large and small, with a large vocal range and different styles. You need to find one that’s right for you, and one where you feel comfortable within the group. But, find the perfect one for you, and it could open up all sorts of new singing opportunities.

Mix a track

If you’re looking to make a splash with your singing skills and get some exposure, then how about booking some studio time to put your vocals down to some music? It will not only give you some great experience of performing in front of a studio microphone, but it will also get you something for a demo. If you ever go to a record company, they will always ask to hear some examples of your work, so this could be it.

Have a look around at what studio and recording facilities are available that fit your budget. You will have to spend cash, but it could pay off in the long-run – in terms of turning your singing talents into an incredible career.

You can also buy instrumental beats and backing tracks to get you on the road to singing success. Check out companies like Shawt Beats for some inspiration.

Audition, audition…

If you’re serious about turning your musical talents into a career, whether it’s through singing or playing an instrument, then you should be keeping a close eye on the arts scene and the opportunities available. Keep a look out for openings and auditions and get yourself in front of as many people as possible. You may not get the first gig you go for, but don’t give up, keep on persevering, and the opportunity you’ve been setting your sights on will hopefully come along.

Go to auditions prepared, knowing exactly who you’re meeting, what the role is and what you can bring to it. Give it your best!

Check out theatre

If you can sing or play an instrument, there could be a role for you in theatre life, depending on which way you want to take your career. Taking to the stage in a theatre environment can be a lot different from performing in a band in a local bar. However, if you fancy the idea of mixing your musical skills with acting, then why not give it a try. You may want to check out some drama and theatre schools near to where you live first, to get a taste for it and to adapt your skills. Then, if you decide it’s for you, get along to some auditions. You could be the next star of the show!

Never stop learning

If you’re looking to carve out a career in music, you need to keep an open mind and keep on learning. Be aware of the audiences around you, the markets and their needs, and tailor your offering. It doesn’t mean you have to be mainstream, but you need to have some profile, with an audience in mind. Being a music lover, you probably already listen to lots of music, and that’s great because it could help provide lots of fresh inspiration for your own work.


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