Alternative music careers you may not have considered

Becoming the next big Rock God is obviously the dream for many, but it’s not suited to all. However, that doesn’t mean that you should neglect to consider the areas of the music industry where you could fit, and make a satisfying career embroiled in the medium that you love. For most people who love music, there’s nothing better than being surrounded by the sounds that can inspire emotion and elevate mood, and if you can turn that love into a career then all the better. While you may not be headlining Glastonbury anytime soon, you might find that these alternative music careers can offer you much more.

Music reviewer and photographer

If you like going to gigs and chatting with band members, then maybe you’re suited to a career in music journalism. This is an area where the competition may be stiff, but that you can get into no matter your level of experience. You don’t need a degree in journalism to set up your own music blog, and if you can connect with local radio stations or press, then you could find that you’re receiving free tickets and backstage access to the performers that you love the most. Utilize your photography skills and your music blog could be the springboard that you need to get your name in the legitimate music press, and having a byline there can open doors that could see your career centered around the music industry.


If you can’t play an instrument but you have a good ear, then you might already have tried a bit of DJing. The good thing about becoming a professional DJ is the sheer volume of work available. From weddings to anniversaries, the DJ can provide an incredible amount of atmosphere, and are considered essential elements of most grand occasions. Depending on where you are in your DJ career, having the right tools is essential, from microphones, Disco lights, and song options. These needn’t be too costly if you research correctly, and having the best DJ disco light set-up can get you those repeat bookings that can make your employment rate far more productive. From Spotify playlists to vinyl, the private DJ can fit into any event, and your career will rely on your flexibility.

Manager and Agent

Becoming a manager or agent for a band, soloist or DJ can be very lucrative, and this is another area where costly education fees are unnecessary. If you’re after a career that keeps you in contact with the music industry but doesn’t require any specific music skills, then manager or agent may be the best role for you. The rewards can be lucrative too, with the percentages that you earn dependant on the profits that the performers make, and of course, you are not limited to managing just the one band. This means that you can maintain a consistent level of income if you manage your diary effectively. You will probably need an abundance of patience, and a mind that can organize and plan well in advance, but you can gain experience by chatting with local bands and finding out what they need.

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