Jimi Hendrix – What He Left Behind and Ahead!

When music lovers are speaking about the most famous guitarists, they can’t end their talk without mentioning the very acclaimed guitarist- Jimi Hendrix. Most of his fans from back in the days know that Jimi got his success from the likes of Django Reinhardt, Bob Dylan, The Beatles and George Frederic Handel. They all played a huge role in inspiring this great guitarist who also was a fan of casino games.

His fans will never get enough of the popular tracks like Voodoo Child, Purple Haze, and Hey Joe. The tranquilising sound of every cord plucked through these songs is something that keeps them all ears open whenever these are played.

His New Group

Back in 1996, he used to play for the famous artists who included Tina Turner, Little Richard and B. B. King. He also worked with Chas Chandler as a bassist. It helped him to come up with the new group that he named Jimi Hendrix Experience, and what followed is history.

His Cultural Influence

Jimi’s name runs across generations of musicians. In addition to that, several installations have been named after him, an example being The Jimi Hendrix Park that is in Seattle. It’s a landmark that was constructed carefully as a dedication in honour of his memory. It depicts his importance in music and instils the love of art and the need for unity in many minds. There also was a TV movie titled Hendrix that was produced back in the year 2000, telling of his career as a successful musician. It was starring Wood Harris, and its director was Leon Ichaso. Back in the day casinos and even today, online casinos like Sailor Bingo featured him in slots UK game with the same name followed with his few of the famous soundtracks.

There was an acoustic concert that was organized in West London by BGO casino, and the centre of attraction was the Jimi Hendrix. Present at the concert were musicians who covered most of Jimi’s songs. It focuses more on hippie love and just little on music.

He Was All About Music

Just like any other successful person, Jimi inspired people in other areas of life, but most of his focus was on the music. His great impact was felt in the music industry. He revolutionized the application of electric guitar. The production of different sounds brought the fusion of different genres like jazz, rock, blues, classical melodies and popped, and Jimi played a huge role in creating these pieces.

What Present Artists Say

When John Mayer was discussing the 100 greatest artists, he said that who he is as a guitarist is defined by his inability to become Jimi Hendrix. He accepts that he learned the art of playing the guitar the way he does from the magic that Hendrix had.

Like many other artists, he also carries the Jimi’s legacy fifty years after his demise. The sweet magic from his songs will be carried on and on by his fans for generations.

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