10 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Band

If you’ve always thought music is much more than making music, and that music has the ultimate power to portray feeling and atmosphere to a person’s life, then perhaps you’ve always wanted to start a band and influence people’s lives. However, making the wrong decisions can ultimately result in a band being over before it has even begun. To ensure your success in the music industry, find out the ten big mistakes to avoid when starting a band.

  1. Not Carefully Choosing Your Band Members

The members you choose will make or break your band’s success. For instance, you could have the best musicians in the world in the band, but a tone-deaf front man or woman will make people want to walk out of your concert or turn off the radio or TV. Form a band with people who are not only extremely talented, but are passionate about music as much as you, and who have the same mindset when it comes to your chosen genre(s).

  1. Failing to Invest in High-Quality Instruments

A musician is only as good as his or her instrument. If you are serious about breaking into the music industry, you must invest in high-quality instruments that will help your band achieve the best possible sound. For instance, if you are looking for exceptional acoustic or electronic drums, you should visit Barking Drum to learn more about the best drums from world leading brands, such as Yamaha, Pearl, and Ludwig.

  1. Spending Too Much Time Thinking of the Perfect Name

Many musicians waste a considerable amount of time thinking of the perfect band name, rather than focusing on improving their songs and sound. Yet it really doesn’t matter. Fans will follow you for your music and not the name. Did anyone think a band named The Beatles would become a worldwide success? Probably not, but the name became cool because their songs are great. Stop spending your time thinking of the ultimate band name and start focusing on how you can make a hit song.

  1. Limiting Yourself to One Genre

Various music genres often influence the best musicians. Limiting yourself to one genre will only put boundaries on your sound and fanbase. Rather than pigeonholing your band, be a little more flexible and experimental when it comes to creating music. It could help you to develop a unique sound that will make your band a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

  1. Imitating Other Bands or Artists

Many aspiring musicians make the big mistake of imitating their favorite artists or bands, as they believe they could be the key to their success in the industry. Yet it is important to remember that there is only one Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Linkin Park, or Bon Jovi, so stop trying to become another band and form your own.

While there is nothing wrong with taking inspiration from other artists, you should never attempt to replicate their sound. If you do, you will look unauthentic.

  1. Failing to Market Your Band

Budding artists and band members are often wary of annoying people when advertising on social media, yet you need to put yourself out there if you want to grow your fanbase and capture the attention of record companies. If you are passionate about making the band a success, you must approach marketing your band as a business. Start promoting your band on as many channels as possible to spread the word. Therefore, publish music videos, live shows, and interviews on YouTube, spread the word about an upcoming gig on Facebook and Twitter, post band photos on Instagram, and allow fans to follow you via your website.

  1. Not Appointing a Band Leader

There needs to be one leader in the band, as they will be the person who will not only take initiative to help the band grow, but they can also inspire other members to work harder and improve their skills. If you do not have a clear leader in the band, it might be time to appoint one. This person will be responsible for booking gigs, communicating with promoters, and building relationships with fans. If you fail to appoint a band leader, you might merely spend your days jamming inside a garage and not on stage.

  1. Expecting to Experience Overnight Success

Patience is a virtue when in a band. If you expect overnight success, you are going to be sorely disappointed. It can take a great deal of time and hard work to produce great songs, and practice will make perfect when it comes to your performance. Only then should you start recording your music and booking gigs to build a fanbase. If your expectations are too high, you could be disappointed by your lack of growth or popularity, and you might be tempted to give up altogether. So, only join a band to have fun and create great music, and the rest might eventually follow.

  1. Not Giving Songs Time to Breathe

It is vital you give your songs time to breathe. This means not recording the song you wrote the day before you hit the studio, or playing it live when it is not ready to be heard by a live audience. A song might seem amazing after you have first created it, but it might not sound too great a few days or weeks down the line. So, listen, play, and perfect the song over and over again until you are 100% confident you are onto a hit. Only then should you play in front of a live audience or record it in the studio.

  1. Practicing Too Little

As mentioned, practice makes perfect when starting a band. So, if you are all not getting together frequently to practice and improve your songs and sound, you may as well give up now. Only serious musicians will make it in music, so you need to put in the time to reap the rewards. So, practice many times each week so you can make your musical dreams a reality.

Got any top tips on mistakes to avoid when starting a band? Share your advice by writing a comment below.

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