4 Reasons Music Makes Life Better

Music is an important part of many people’s lives. It forms the soundtrack of almost everything they do and they just couldn’t and wouldn’t be without it. When we look at the reasons why music makes life better it’s clear that it’s not just about listening to a nice sound – it goes a lot deeper than that.

Stress Reduction

If you’re feeling stressed out, do you listen to music to calm you down? Many people do and although you may think that’s it’s just some kind of coping mechanism, the truth is that it really does work. Slow, quiet music is the best thing to listen to when you need a bit of soothing; your heart rate will slow to match the rhythm of the piece you’re listening to, and that will keep your breathing calm and your blood pressure low. So it’s a good idea to put together a de-stressing playlist for those difficult times. Try to avoid anything too fast and loud, even if it would be your pick in other situations.

More Endurance

If you listen to music when you workout, you might be doing yourself a big favor. Studies shows that music can increase endurance, perhaps by as much as 15 percent above those who don’t listen to anything when they’re at the gym or going for a run. Music can help you focus which is a good start because it means that you’re less concerned with what your body can do and you can allow it to just continue naturally.

If you can’t listen to music whilst you’re exercising (if you’re swimming, for example), then make sure you get a good dose of it before you start working out because those annoying ‘ear worms’ might help you to focus too. It can work when you need to concentrate too such as when you’re studying for an exam or tackling an Evansville escape room. Music can assist in every aspect of life.

Improved Memory

Your brain is an amazing tool but it needs frequent exercise to get the most out of it. That’s where music can come in. Listening to music can help your brain to develop in many different areas and one of these areas is your memory. Learning to play an instrument will help your memory considerably, but if you prefer to simply listen that can have plenty of benefits too, although to a lesser extent.

Again, it is classical music that works best in terms of memory function according to research, so if you’ve never listened to this style of music and you want to improve your memory now might be the time to start.

Smarter Mind

The more you listen to music, the sharper your mind will become (and that goes even further when you’re playing the music yourself). This is because your brain is being strengthened in a positive way – it is, after all, much like any organ or muscle in your body. It needs to be stimulated and exercised as much as possible in order for it to stay healthy.

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