Ideas For A Kid’s Birthday Party

Is your young one’s birthday party coming up, or perhaps you are simply trying to help your friend organize a party for their child? If so, you will have a lot to consider from music to gifts and games. To help get organized fast, we have recommended some song and game choices, as well as different gift ideas based on budget.

Selecting The Beats

It’s not a party without some hits to get the kids moving and dancing. However, trying to select appropriate songs for a kid’s birthday party isn’t always that easy. Some of the more recent “safe” songs include Pharrell William’s “Fun Fun Fun,” Ariana Grande’s “Put Your Hearts Up,” and Katy Perry’s “Firework.”

Budget Gift Idea

Choosing gifts isn’t easy. However, even if you’re on a budget, you will find a lot of good options out there. A good choice is LEGO, which most kids (and even many adults) love. Now while large LEGO sets can hit the hundreds of dollars, there are still many small sets for under $50. If you want to steer clear of video games and give children as many opportunities as possible to play outside; then you may want to invest in some sports gear. Fun options include volleyball nets, badminton sets, soccer balls, mini golf sets, and anything else to get kids away from electronics and out the door. Last of all, consider getting some dress-up costumes.  Good options are cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians, or superhero outfits.

More Costly Gift Ideas

A clear winner to get kids active is a trampoline. In fact, this is pretty much guaranteed to excite them. Of course, trampolines aren’t cheap, and you will be spending hundreds of dollars. However, trampolines can last for years with only minor repairs and will be great fun for the whole family.

Another good choice is a go-kart, which will be more than just a present and may lead to the development of a brand new hobby.  Now go-karts come in a variety of different designs at different price points so that you will have many options. To find out which go-karts are the best check out Getting a good idea of what is on the market can ensure you chose the most suitable for you.

Party Games

Depending on the age of the children, you may like to play pinata. All you need is a stick, a blindfold, and a cache of sweets. Good outdoor options include tug of war, capture the flag, and three-legged races. These will get the kids moving and having fun. However, they are also the most dangerous games so make sure there are enough adults present to supervise the activities effectively. Don’t forget to consider indoor classics such as pin the tail on the donkey and pass the parcel.


Have fun with the festivities. Remember, by being organized and planning ahead you will be able to make the birthday party a success that will put a smile on all the kids present.

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