7 Songwriting Tips to Overcome Writer’s Block

This post is written by Kristal Bean: Kristal Bean is a Southern California-based writer and sometimes guitarist. In her free time, she homeschools, works out and listens to live music. Check her blog greenlightbooking.com

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Writer’s block is something which happens to every song writer sooner or later. Sometimes, it feels like your innovativeness has almost ended. You just feel stuck sitting in your music work space and time passes by you.

We’ve compiled some really nice and useful songwriting tips to enable you to beat writer’s block, whenever you have it.

Here are 7 ways you can overcome the writer’s block easily:

#1: Work on the title.

This simple tip is useful for all song writers. Think of a decent title and it will help you to compose the rest. The most mainstream songs are composed in that manner, like Bon Jovi’s “Bed of Roses”. As a rule, you can build up an entire song around the title, which is the thing that numerous song writers do so perfectly.

You can find titles in poems or novels. Consider your most loved piece of literature, and take inspiration from it. Replace some wordings and extract basic ideas and then analyze what you have.

#2: Quotes can inspire you.

Popular quotes are popular due to the fact that numerous individuals can relate with them. These quotes can inspire you to write some great song lyrics. Use them to give you the correct expression, topic and afterwards add them in your own song as well.

You can use most popular but don’t hesitate make some changes.

Just by reusing some great quotes, you’ll start to get great lyrics you would potentially be able to create and use in your music.

#3: Let the world inspire you.

Photo via pexels.com

You’ll never truly know at what point or place you’ll have your next bulb lighting minute.

It is imperative for you to go outside, blend, and truly focus on what on your surroundings.

Sit somewhere and watch individuals, or talk with someone on a subject. You might hear a statement from a stranger, or look at something so rare that will drive you into your innovation suddenly. Or you can listen to other music artist’s work and have an “ahaa!” minute in no time.

#4: Don’t push yourself too hard and have a break.

This may sound a bit stupid, especially in case you’re have to complete your work before a due date, having a break will  improve the situation for you. If you will simply keep staring at your notebook for a long time, words won’t mysteriously show up on it. You must allow your mind to unwind and return relaxed.

The strategy is to accomplish something that doesn’t include much mind activity. Go out for running, watch something nice, or have an espresso. Towards the end of these small activities, your mind will be relaxed, and you will be more prepared to start writing once more.

#5: Notice the peak time when you write effortlessly.

Notice at what time you are most comfortable and charged up to write song lyrics. For some individuals, the hours after sunrise help since every other person is still sleeping and there are no distractions. For others, it can be late night. It’s a personal choice, and you have to make sense of what suits you the best.

#6: Get rid of the clutter.

Most individuals think artists are normally messy individuals, however as a songwriter yourself, you realize that isn’t valid.

Mess, whether it is physical or mental will frequently interfere with the innovative process because it distracts you. Before you start your work, sort out your music workspace and your thoughts.

#7: Use your emotions.

There is the best thing to do if you are struggling with writer’s block! Use your feelings and emotions to compose the song. No matter if it’s a mad, sad or happy minute, channel your emotions with positivity to produce great work. Search your feelings, and use this amazing ‘power’ to free yourself from the writer’s block.

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