Review: The Darkness @ The Phoenix – Toronto

Review by Angelo Marchini | @AngelMarchini

What a night! From the second The Darkness strutted on stage in Toronto on Sunday night, they had their audience in the palm of their hands. They opened the show with “Open Fire” and closed it with an encore of three classics including their smash hit “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” off Permission to Land.

The band led the audience through amazing renditions of Friday Night, Solid Gold, Stuck in a Rut, and Get Your Hands Off My Woman. Solid Gold I tell you. See what I just did there ;)

When they played “I Believe in a Thing Called Love”, the room exploded in a unison scream.  It was incredible to feel such energy as every person belted the words from the bottom of their lungs! This was always going to be one of the highlights from the night, but it was a truly exceptional to experience.

Overall, The Darkness delivered nothing short of one of an amazing performance. Their energy and musicianship is to the highest standards and I just know that I cannot wait for The Darkness to return to Canada and specially Toronto.

As a parting thought, while standing in the audience I did ask myself that a show on The Darkness’ current North America tour, deserves a “live release. If anyone who can make it happen is reading this DO IT!!! NOW!!!


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