Dean Blunt Shares New Release Titled BOOKEY

Popularly known for being the member of Hype Williams, an unorthodox or avant-garde group, Dean Blunt has debuted his three-track instrumental release in April 2018- Bookey. The musician also produces music as Blue Iverson and Baby father.

His first track in the Bookey Series was released on Apr 2nd by the name of Stunners. It included a rare text which is not taken forward in this Bookey version of the album. But this album was later taken down like the other albums of Dean Blunt. Stunners included Soul on Fire Text which is known to be a limited-edition text. The same text was also included in a 30-minute YouTube clipping by Blunt released in the last week of March this year.

What to expect from this release?

This Bookey release is a somewhat similar version of the rare text. This release features the two new guest vocalists involved in Bookey 2 and 3- Lasse and Nina. Nina released the same track on her Soundcloud a few weeks earlier.

Some of the other ‘feathers-on-his cap’

The London-based artist has many other famous albums in his name including BBF by DJ Escrow. He first entered the industry in 2011. Black Metal, The Narcissist II, and The Redeemer are among his other popular albums which received widespread applause. His albums frequently are rated high on the music webzines like Tiny Mix Tapes and Resident Advisor.

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