Essential Brain Supplements for Musicians

Like any other career, doing music requires creative thinking, which can be boosted by embracing brain supplements. Ketogenic Supplement Reviews offers different reviews of supplements, so you can check out their review of Bulletproof Brain Octane that is suitable for musicians and people who want to keep their creativity at peak. There are different types of supplements that help the brain to work better, so depending on the kind of results one wants to achieve, it’s advisable to choose one of these supplements. Here are few you might want to know about.

Bacopa Monnieri

This is a botanical memory booster that supports the learning process for both short and long-term memory. As a musician, keeping your memory sharp is an essential requirement so taking this supplement would help you to remember things. It could also be used as way to enhance learning, and if you want to know how to play different instruments you will have easy time remembering. The supplement stimulates serotonin, which enhances a balanced mood, increases cognition, and also reduces stress and anxiety. Every musician needs to work free from stress or any distractions that could make their brain to function less effectively.

Rhodiola rosea

If you are looking for a stress relieving solution, the Rhodiola rosea is a good supplement that prompts energetic and clear thinking. Musicians who use it will experience peak mental performance and will also have calm nerves that allow them to concentrate and have better memory. It functions at best when one is batting stress and kicks in to ensure a balance between emotions, optimize mental endurance, and fight fatigue. It is recommended before one goes to a performance so as to achieve a calm thinking process that can last the entire show.

Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil

This is a supplement that delivers caprylic fatty acids to the body that help to boost brain functions and allow you to burn fat. It improves cognitive functions and allows better memory. Musicians who want to improve their learning process and the ability to create good music should consider taking this supplement moments before they go to training sessions, or when going on stage to perform. It helps to keep the brain active and stimulates creativity.


If you want an overall bran booster, then you should consider the Citicoline supplement. It’s a major multitasker that has been helping musicians. Its key benefits target boosting energy, attention and focus. Musicians who use it perform better and have an energized alert mind. However, this is a stimulant as well and should be taken in controlled amounts because it can affect performance to make it worse if abused. Taken in controlled amounts, it works perfectly and will give you results that are lasting.

Being a musician, there are a lot of things expected of you.This is a position in which your creativity is celebrated and to keep your fans satisfied you have to work towards enhancing your brain power. Stimulants offer you a good way to keep your brain active and also enhance your creativity to give music that is satisfying.

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