Things to Do Before Your Next Major Concert

While being in a band for many is a teenage pipedream, for others it is their greatest ambition. True musicians never give up and are always looking for ways to become the next Nirvana or Foo Fighters, but becoming a recognized band isn’t easy.

Dedication, passion and the ability to play music well all make a great band. You must have soul, an image, and songs and lyrics that’ll land with your audience. It is a constant road of concert after concert until you get spotted and signed.

But keeping calm and inspired along the way is a major advantage to making it big. Here are ways to keep yourself not only entertained but also inspired before your next concert.

1.) Look for Competitions

Your band needs to make as much head ways as possible. You need to lengthen your reach so that more and more people know who you are. Do this by entering in competitions and sending out demos to radio stations. You never know, not only could you be signed after being played on the radio, but you could also start a cult following of dedicated fans who would not have heard of you otherwise.

2.)  Engage in Another Hobby

While waiting for your next big concert, why not keep yourself engaged in one of your favourite hobbies? This could be by writing a blog post about your love for music, practicing your dance moves, or playing games to keep your excitement contained. You could play games on platforms like Unibet amongst others, all of which are great ways to bond with your band mates.

Hobbies outside of the band can help you grow as a person; it can also help with your imagination and song writing.

3.) Earn Extra Cash

A band needs an income so that they can pay for instruments, repairs, transports, food and accommodation. Bands may also need to pay for venues and merch to sell at their concerts. In your free time, it is, therefore, best to make money wherever possible. Here are three ways to make extra cash:

  1. Offer Services – Everyone has something they can do well whether it’s ironing, writing a social media caption or washing cars. Use your skills to earn extra cash starting with friends, and neighbours.
  2. Sell iPhone photos – If you have images on your iPhone wasting away think about selling them for extra cash. Yulia Mayorova and Shutterstock would be more than happy to buy them.
  3. Try Data Entry – For those who want to make extra money from home, try becoming a data entry clerk. You probably won’t make millions, but you should make just enough to make sure you’re rocking at the concert.  

Going to your next major concert can be an exciting thing to look forward to, especially if you’re passionate about music. It’s an opportunity that probably won’t live twice, so it’s certainly something to look forward to. Feel free to prepare in any way you see fit whether be by dancing in the mirror, earning extra cash, or distracting yourself while you count down the days. 

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