Nostalgic Sound: 5 Reasons Why You Should Listen to Vinyl


Audiophiles have amazing vinyl records collections, many companies and musicians still release vinyl records, despite the fact that many modern solutions are available today. One of the main reasons people listen to vinyl records today is the highest possible audio fidelity, and if you want to experience the “true audio”, then you should consider getting a perfect receiver for a turntable and such resources as Has-Sound or TechRadar or WhatHiFi can be extremely helpful, since this website features various professional reviews.

If you think that vinyl is something out-dated then you should check these five reasons why people still prefer it over modern solutions.

Sound quality

A vinyl record has better sound quality and it is superior to any digital format. The reason is that a digital format relies on sampling – so you lose some original quality. Playing a digital audio format, your player “recreates” the original sound. It also may be something subjective – people who listen to vinyl claim that it has a warmer and more authentic sound and it sounds exactly how an author wants it to do. However, modern audio equipment reproduces the audio information very accurate, so the difference may be not that obvious. You also need good speakers to hear the difference (if it exists).

Vinyl records are timeless

Many other formats come and go. You will hardly find a person who still uses CDs or DVDs or a compact audio cassette, while vinyl records are still here. Of course, you need to treat those records carefully and they will always provide you with the amazing audio experience. Moreover, some musicians still release vinyl records.


What can be better than getting something that you were looking for? There are many extremely rare vinyl records and finding them is a true adventure. There are also many small music stores where you can find the record you are looking for. It is a true adventure that does not involve any dangerous activity. A vinyl records collection also looks amazing – many people state that covers are art.

An investment

A vinyl record can be considered as an investment. The point is that many people still enjoy their vinyl records, but they may have not certain records. If you have a vinyl record and you do want not to listen to it, then you should consider checking various websites, maybe someone is looking for the album you have and this is a great way to earn some money.

Vinyl records are also extremely difficult to pirate. There were copies, but it was impossible to do it on your own.

The “vinyl culture”

The vinyl is not always mean to reproduce music, it was something bigger. Back in the old days, vinyl records were a part of audiophiles’ lives. People were looking for them, they could cross a country to find the record they need. People spent days in music stores. This culture still lives and you can become a part of it, the first step is getting a vinyl record.


To experience the true vinyl audio, you need to get a vinyl record, a turntable, speakers and this will be the first step into the world of the vinyl records culture.

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