Reasons for Becoming Oracle Certified Using Practice Tests

IT Credential Is Your Key to Success

In the ever-changing IT market today, certification is an important mark for both experienced and fresh candidates. The credential is proof that the individual is equipped with the latest knowledge and skills to work in the chosen sphere of IT. It makes you competitive and visible on the IT market, and is a real sign that you are a valuable employee.

IT certifications by such a giant as Visit Site are popular as well. This software company offers IT credentials associated with various Oracle products and technologies like Database, Enterprise Management, Storage Systems, App Technology among many. Their certifications are a great way to gain experience and expertise in whatever area you want to pursue. Let’s find out how you can get yourself an Oracle credential.

How to Get Oracle Badge?

By following three simple steps listed below you can get yourself Oracle certified:

  1. Choose a certification

Their badges come in the four main levels Junior Associate, Associate, Professional, and Master. Apart from them, you can also get Specialist and Expert level certifications. If you visit their official website, you can find out more about their accreditation programs and also browse them by product. After going through the details you can pick out the certification that will best compliment your goals.

  1. Prepare for the exam

To earn any of the Oracle credentials you have to pass an exam or two. Check out which test you have to pass, gather resources to prepare for it, and practice. You can find a lot of information on the vendor’s site or use other optional materials.Every candidate can have valuable support from taking practice tests, the most updated and actual you can find at As one of the most reliable resources, along with free tests, this website contains premium files that have been checked by IT experts. Moreover, you can find here premium bundles for your certification exam. Each includes verified practice questions and answers, a training course, and a study guide that allow you to check the knowledge and fill in the gaps. Besides, every exam taker can move to the real testing atmosphere using the ETE Software. This modern educational tool equips you with the necessary skills to tackle exam questions and complete them within a definite timeframe.

There are many ways, but you should not rely only on one prep method or website, but combine them or use several to make your preparation effective. Join IT forums, as other candidates share with you their tips and tricks to prepare for the same test, or some have already passed it, so you can find a lot of useful information there. So, read books, take online tests, if possible, attend courses, communicate with your peers. Simply, do your best.

  1. Register and sit for the test

Once you have prepared, you can register for the exam at Pearson VUE.

The process of gaining an Oracle accreditation is not difficult but it is important to know which credential you are going to earn.

Benefits of Earning Oracle Accreditation

You may wonder ‘why Oracle?’. Well, here’s why:

Imagine you’re a very qualified candidate at an interview. You tell them about your skills with no documentation to prove that what you’re saying is true. Do you think the interviewer would believe your word and hire you? Most probably not. The basic purpose of a certification is to show whom it may concern that you have certain skills. Oracle accreditations can verify your skills in many areas related to IT depending on which badge you chose to pursue. Sometimes, the employer has no time for giving a test task, so having a credential is an essential mark that you are a skillful specialist already and being certified, you simply save their precious time.

When you go to any job interview you can find so many people having similar qualifications. It can be tough for the employers to pick one out of the many similar options available that is why they would look for an extra qualification in your CV. If you have an Oracle certification it will instantly make you stand out of the crowd and increase your chances of getting hired.

Getting an Oracle certification can open doors to a wider range of job opportunities that might not have been available for you without it. In today’s IT world one has to be competitive, and with the Oracle credential, you can opt for a position of an Oracle Database Administrator, Oracle Application Developer, Data Modeling Analyst, among many. By upgrading your skills you can widen the range of career positions you can opt for.

Due to the fact that you gain added qualifications through the course of earning an Oracle certification, you become eligible for a higher salary. Getting the credential of the higher level is investment in your successful career. Some of the average earnings received by Oracle certified persons according to PayScale are listed below:

Who doesn’t like promotions? They equal a higher salary and better status. But it can be a rather tough task to get promoted when there’s so much competition for better job positions. How can Oracle help you with it? Getting an Oracle certification means that you acquire more skills and that you are competent enough to do something more than what you are required at your current job position, thus making you eligible for a promotion to a level that could make the best use of your skills.

Job security is tough to attain in a dynamic field like IT. That’s because there are changes, improvements and new discoveries made almost on a daily basis. And if you aren’t able to keep up with those changes you will not be adequate enough to meet your company expectations, which make them want to hire new people who can do the same task better and in a short span of time. But Oracle certifications can help you alleviate this problem. Since Oracle knows the importance of getting the most relevant skills, they always make sure to keep themselves updated as well. By going through the course of earning a new Oracle badge you can get yourself updated as well. This makes you competent and a valuable asset to your company thus ensuring job security.

It has been reported by a Pearson VUE Value of IT survey that 65% of the respondents have received a positive impact on their professional image due to the Oracle certification. And 75% of credential holders have attested that they’ve received a higher demand for their skills after getting the accreditation.

What’s more, the Oracle badge has brought up many views for their LinkedIn profiles which certainly increases their chances of getting employed at renowned organizations.


A certification is a proof of competence in a particular IT field. There are many benefits that an Oracle certification can bring to you like more job opportunities, higher salaries, and promotions. If you pick a credential that best suits your career goals, work hard and prepare for the exams, you can surely ace it and gain all the benefits listed above. Remember, a perfect score depends on good preparing. Practice tests are the basis of your victory, that’s why train with them and success will be forthcoming.

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