10 Twitter Tips Every Musician Should Know

Social media plays a vital role in catapulting a new musician to stardom. No matter who you are and where you’re from, social media determines how many people your music can reach.

Twitter makes social networking quick and simple. It can connect you to existing fans around the globe and make new ones.

If you play your cards right, you can get followers from all over the world. Mess it up and you can land yourself some passionate haters. Your online presence is essential for your growth as a musician.

Whether you make it or break it, it all depends on how well you handle your Twitter account. Skyrocket to stardom with these 10 Twitter tips every musician should know:

Let Your Profile Represent You

If you want to become a hit on Twitter, you need to stand out. Let your profile show what you’re all about. Just as companies do branding for products, you should do the same. The product here is your music.

If you have your own logo, that can be your display photo. You can use the Twitter header too. Make sure people find it easy to recognize you and keep it the same over various platforms.

Keep Your Intro Focused But Fun

Your bio should tell a new follower all they need to know about you. You can only use 160 characters, so use them wisely.

Make sure that you tell them the important details. They should know what your name is, where you’re from and what kind of music you make.

You can provide information about new releases, future shows, etc. Always remember to update your bio. If you have a music video, you can provide a link. This way, people visiting your profile can check out your music.

Don’t just make your bio a list of information. Your bio will give your new followers your first impression. So, make sure it’s not boring.

Attract Followers

People won’t start following you the minute you enter the scene. You have to find followers first. Look around Twitter and check out which people are following other musicians like you.

Follow music fanatics interested in your music genre. Make sure you’re following real people and not fake profiles.

After following a certain amount of people, start interacting with them. Once people start noticing your music, your followers will multiply on their own.

Be Smart with Socializing

When on Twitter, you must tweet. Share interesting thoughts, opinions and news. You can find trending topics and articles to share with your followers. If you’re looking for fun and interesting reads to share, check this out.

Your followers will reply to your tweets. They may even interact with each other on your tweet.

You can ask questions about things related to music. Your fans will love answering those. Look through the tweets and find the ones you find interesting enough to reply to. Every fan loves artists that interact with them.

Try to show them the best version of yourself, while staying true to who you are. Be charming while you interact and keep it real.

Create a Buzz

Always try to create a buzz on your profile. You can create a buzz regarding new releases. Tweets like “big announcement coming soon” or “guess what’s coming up next?” attracts people’s attention. It will get people talking about you.

Another thing fans love is interacting with artists. Always interact with other people from the music industry you may know. Retweet their tweets and show interest in the things they say. You can even strike up a conversation about a collaboration.

This kind of interaction between artists gets fans talking. It will be mutually beneficial for both of you. The more buzz you create, the more followers you’ll attract.

Give Your Fanbase a Name

After you get a certain amount of fans, give them a name. On Twitter, fandom names are a big deal. Fans love getting an identity like that. It will make it easier for them to find each other.

Fandoms can become very powerful. You may notice that most of the trending topics on Twitter are fandom related.

People uniting under a common name and cause are always more dedicated. A named fandom will attract attention to themselves and their artists.

Learn How to Use Twitter Tools

Twitter is the ultimate platform for artists looking to promote themselves. There are a few tools at your disposal that make “tweeting” easier.

Always use hashtags when tweeting things. Hashtags will help more people find your tweet. Only use hashtags that relate to your music. Don’t add irrelevant hashtags. You will find many websites that analyze Twitter hashtags such as hashtagify, trackmyhashtag, etc.

Use lists to organize your Twitter audience. Check out the trending topics, especially those in your target areas. This will give you topics to talk about.

Figure out the Best Time for Your Tweets

The best time for your tweets will depend on your target audience. What is their age range? Young people generally tweet more during late afternoons, evenings and late at night.

If your target audience consists of adults, they’ll be free during the evening and over weekends.

Tweet during times when more people are on Twitter. If you tweet at odd hours, chances are that your followers will miss your tweets.

Always encourage your fans to turn on your tweet notifications. This will enable more dedicated fans to never miss a tweet.

Share Photos and Videos

Multimedia always attracts attention. You can share photos related to you and your music. An example of relevant photos can be a shot of you performing or recording in the studio.

You can also share personal photos or photos of your pets. This will give fans an insight into your life.

Retweet ‘photo tweets’ that you find interesting. If you find any fanart on Twitter, you should retweet that.

Share videos of your performance. Share songs and videos that you find interesting. Videos always attract more people.

Never Say Offensive Things

Social media gives you the power of free speech. But as it’s said, with great powers comes great responsibilities. So, be very careful with your words on any social networking site.

Make sure your tweets don’t offend any group of people. Always share positive things and spread happiness in the world. The world is negative enough as it is, you don’t want to add to it. Remember that nothing on earth spreads more happiness than music.

Final Thoughts

Twitter is a great outlet for anyone hoping to get themselves noticed. For musicians, this can work out very well.

With these 10 Twitter tips, any musician can keep up with their online presence on Twitter. Pay attention to the trends and keep interacting. Soon, you’ll get the fan following you desire.

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