Learn all the Hot Guitar Riffs with Live Online Music Lessons

There has never been a better time for musicians looking for powerful, convenient teaching resources to improve their playing. Legend has it that the Delta blues guitarist Robert Johnson used to turn his back on an audience if he felt like someone there was trying to watch his fingers, because he didn’t want anyone to imitate his unique style. This makes a great story, but thankfully, the exact opposite is happening today!

That’s because live music lessons online connect musicians hungry to learn with masters of that style from around the world who are eager to teach. Read on to learn why live online music lessons are such a revelation for devoted musicians.

Find Your Niche

The further you advance in music, the more your interests are likely to narrow down. You may like a very wide range of music, but you’ll probably have some very specific artists whose sound is unique.

If you only have a few teachers to pick from, the odds are low that they’ll be familiar with the specific sub genre you’re into. For example, maybe they also like jazz but they only know ragtime or bebop, not free jazz, a type of music that requires an entirely different sensibility to play.

Don’t settle for a teacher only vaguely familiar with the music you love: use the internet to cast your search wide for a music teacher who specializes in your favourite music, and whose love for it matches your own.

Powerful Technology as Teaching Aid

Today’s technology doesn’t merely permit live online music lessons; it makes them a particularly powerful form of learning. Teachers can zoom in with the camera to see exactly how their students are fingering the instrument, and can make recommendations accordingly.

Along the same lines, they can zoom in on their hands, so their students can see exactly what to do. Teachers also have tools such as highlighting the portions of written music notation to be played, something that couldn’t quite be done the same way without PDFs.

Of course the webcams allow students to interact with their teacher and pick their brain in real time. You’ll love having the tools in your home that let you connect with teachers who have absorbed the techniques and sensibilities of the music you love.

Unmatched Convenience

Learning music online means you can get mind-blowing insights without even having to leave your home. This has the advantage of saving you from yet one more drive through traffic or a bus ride.

But it also means that you’ll never have to bother to remember to bring all the right music or equipment to a lesson — things like your sheet music or tools like a tuner, metronome, picks and strings will be with you at all times.

You’ll always have everything you need to be prepared for class because you won’t even have the chance to forget to bring what you need.

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