What is music marketing and how artists should use it for maximum exposure?

The first and obvious association about music marketing is a combination of two various concepts. Even though music is an art the marketing techniques needed in the field to make it live. 

When some obstructive business starts a new path, it needs to promote the new product. The business won’t earn any money if no one knows about it. The entrepreneur should take care of how potential customers will know about its service. Even if the product is astonishing it requires an audience to show up.  

It is easy to understand why many artists complain about the business side of music. Everyone wants to create art and do not think about marketing plans. This approach is completely wrong. With the grows of music streaming platforms like Soundcloud and Spotify and platforms for selling music as Beatport and Bandcamp, a new artist can be lost easily in a mind-boggling number of musicians.  All well-known artists use modern music promotion techniques to develop their brands.  

Dive traffic – drive fans!

If you don’t have the vehicles to drive your music in front of fans or industry influencers, the benefits of them obtaining you in this area are small, no matter how good your music is. That’s why the business side of music production is obligatory to learn and put into practice. 

Music marketing is the integral and interconnected approach of any music brand intend to get new listeners and turn them into fans. While it is a strategic goal, it also may be addressed as smaller tactic parts.

It is just like the 5Ps in traditional marketing: Product, Price, Placement, Promotions, People. It is necessary to understand these features as a musician as it will eventually direct to making a marketing plan and to how you will be presenting yourself to the public. 

You should know where potential auditory hang out, what they eat, shop, and what events they attend. When you know this information you can make the right choice and perform your gig at the right place at the right time. This approach is not too hard because each starting musician has geographical boundaries when we are talking about offline promotion of course. 

Musicians frequently are blind in technology and marketing practices, sometimes without a desire to know something about that. They prefer to learn on their own mistakes but do not learn the notorious practice. Flash a trace first and look back later. 

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