The Musician’s Quick Guide to Moving

Being a musician can be quite the exciting passion. Be it a hobby or your full-time work, there’s always a degree of excitement to be had when you know you have sheet music, albums and artist memorabilia, as well as musical instruments around the house. So inasmuch as you’ve made your home your personal haven for your musical passion, things can get tricky when you’ve decided to conduct a house move. After all, how exactly do you plan on moving all of these things, right? Turns out, it can be very easy if you have a plan. Here are some tips we musicians can use to ensure we get a spotless and hassle-free move on our hands:

  • Tour the new neighborhood to get a better idea of where you can take your memorabilia. Another effective tip you can use to move your music-related things around is to your new neighborhood to check for relevant institutions and stores related to music. While you’re in the process of familiarizing yourself with popular stores, restaurants, and institutions (schools, hospitals, police stations), and while checking if your new neighborhood can support movers Manhattan NY or from other places, you may also want to look for music shops and instrument repair stations to meet your various needs. This can be extremely helpful if you’re looking for a place to buy and restore your instruments, or to hang out with other fellow musicians. 
  • Visit your new home a couple of times to plan your new layout. You should probably visit your new home, particularly your music rooms, a couple of times to get a better sense of how you want your things to be laid out and placed all around the house. Your instruments and memorabilia will likely be in different rooms, so figuring out your preferred layout this early can be advantageous for you. Knowing where you want things placed beforehand lets you know how you can tinker around with the place and your belongings to maximize potential. It also helps to check if your new layout requires new materials and furniture such as shelves as this can greatly aid in the design and organization process. 
  • Make an inventory of what you own and what you want to do with them. It’s important to create an inventory of the things you own before you move them around for the house move. While this can be hassling, an inventory lets you have all the information you need regarding things you own and gives you valuable insight as to what you can do with them. An inventory can be in the form of a physical or digital list. What matters here is that your inventory should be capable of telling you what you own, its quantity and make, how much you want to sell it for, and other relevant notes. This also lets you have a good idea what musical memorabilia you own and may want to bring. 
  • Consult professionals with regards to moving more sensitive materials. When you have musical memorabilia with you, it’s important to take note of not just what you want to do with them but how you can go around to doing it. You can actually consult professionals like moving companies and piano movers so you can have a better idea as to how you can move musical instruments and other musical memorabilia in a much safer manner. This can greatly help you, especially if you have memorabilia with sentimental value or if you have memorabilia like albums and instruments that may cost a lot do you want them to be moved carefully. 

Moving and Music: Making the Two Work Together

Who says you can’t move houses if you have a ton of musical memorabilia? Be it sheet music, albums and vinyl, or even musical instruments themselves – you can actually find a way to move them, provided you have the right approach to planning and coordinating your move. Remember, it’s important to be aware of what you’re moving and how you want them to be moved in order to make sure your musical instruments and other memorabilia aren’t damaged during the house move. Do you have other tips you want to share with us? Feel free to share them below!

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