3 Things Adults Should Look for in a Piano Teacher

While music education is a staple in many schools, plenty of people who have no interest in mastering an instrument when they are children later find themselves wishing they knew how to play their favourite pieces. But given that the music education market that is often geared primarily toward children, what should these adult learners look for in a piano teacher?

If you want to experience the pleasure of learning a musical instrument as an adult, here are three things you should consider when looking for piano lessons Toronto adults can participate in.

1. Decide What Style of Music You Want to Focus On

People decide to learn piano for all kinds of reasons. Some want to be able to play their favourite compositions by legendary composers like Bach, Beethoven, and Schoenberg, while others simply want to be able to accompany their friends and family at the next holiday sing-along.

Understanding your own learning goals is the first step toward finding an instructor who will help you meet them, so when you start searching for piano lessons Toronto, make sure you know what kind of piano you want to learn, and find an instructor who knows how to teach that material.

2. Determine What Learning Experience You Want to Have

It isn’t just musical style you need to pay attention to when choosing the right school to take piano lessons at; you also need think about what kind of learning environment you want to be part of.

With an instrument like the piano, which is a central part of western classical music, it’s easy to find excellent, dedicated instructors who are used to teaching driven students who want to play at a high level of proficiency.

But not all adults who want to sign up for piano lessons are thinking about professional performance, and if you are more interested in picking up some tricks and having fun while you do so, finding an instructor who can offer a more relaxed, informal approach will be the key to an enjoyable experience.

3. Ask for a Demo Lesson Before Committing

There is always going to be a somewhat ineffable dimension to the relationship between a music teacher and their student, and sometimes, for whatever reason, there just isn’t the right chemistry.

If you want to find a piano teacher Toronto offers plenty of options, so don’t be afraid to move on if you are having a hard time establishing a good rapport with the first instructor you find.

Learning to play your favourite music on the piano can be one of adulthood’s great pleasures, and finding a piano instructor who can help you achieve your goals is the most important step toward getting comfortable with the instrument and having fun.

For this reason, it’s important to be intentional about finding a teacher whose playing style and teaching philosophy match your own, and to connect with someone who you can see yourself learning from long term.

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