Jesse Neo Talks Gemtracks and The Future of Music Production

Singer-songwriter, DJ and producer, Jesse Neo, is upping the music game with his latest music platform, Gemtracks.

The 22-year-old, originally from Australia but now based in Los Angeles, who has already established himself as an artist since 2017, took the move to digitalize his creative journey and have subsequently, hit a new breakthrough.

“In 2017 after releasing my first single, Sex Magic, labels and big YouTube channels began reaching out to me to be their songwriter,” the Australian singer stated. “The demand got so great that I almost lost my mind. Suddenly I thought to myself, why not create a website where I could showcase all my beats and let customers purchase them on their own without having to go through me. That’s how Gemtracks was born.”

Soon after the release of Gemtracks, Jesse began selling beats for up to $599 each. This was down to the fact each beat can only be sold once and the customer becomes the new sole copyright owner of it. This also means the customer gets to keep all royalties and revenue they make from the beat. Tracks of all genres, from pop and hip hop to EDM and rock can be purchased.

“For the first year, Gemtracks was my online headquarter and I even had it on my business card,” Jesse joked. “I directed all enquires there and made sure the entire process would be automated. I presume this is what the future of music production would be like. I even began writing articles such as How to Make Beats and How to Get into the Music Industry that I published on the website, and they turned out to be quite popular too.”

Eventually words went out and many of Jesse’s friends from the industry showed great interest in the website too. They included singer-songwriters Milana Leybovich and William Zarate, and producer Pedro Alexander.

“Then the idea of converting Gemtracks into a marketplace so that musicians anywhere in the world could make money selling their beats online sounded like a marvellous idea,” the singer said. “Immediately, we added even more beats and found a PhD computer scientist to program the website.”

Currently Gemtracks houses more than 500 unsold beats and have more than 200 registered users. One does not need to be registered to purchase a track.

“The next stage is to introduce other features and services to make Gemtracks the all-in-one marketplace for anyone in the music industry to utilize,” Jesse continued. “I am currently working on a feature to list and book recording studios so that once a user has bought a beat, they can continue on their creative journey by finding a studio to record their vocals over. There are more features, of course, but you just need to wait until they are released to know what they are.”

For all we know, Gemtracks sounds like an exciting venture, and we wish Jesse and his team all the best.

If this project sounds interesting to you, head over to Gemtracks to buy and sell beats.

You can also listen to Jesse Neo’s music on Spotify.

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