Best Ways To Enjoy New Bingo Bonuses

Regardless if you’re an experienced or novice bingo gambler, you’re bound to come across different variations of bingo bonuses advertisements that all promise to give you the best returns. When you’re bombarded with so many promotions, how does one differentiate what they are exactly, their mechanics, and which ones are the best to go for? 

If you’re like me and enjoy a good game of bingo bonuses, read on more to find out what are the best ways to enjoy them! By the end of this article, you’ll have sufficient knowledge to differentiate between bonus spins and bingo deposit match bonuses –– enough to judge which one is better suited for your playing style. Here are some of the latest Dragonfish bonuses.

What are Bonus Spins?

Bonus spins are an additional feature that is typically awarded for a specific game. These spins are at a predefined value and act as a real-money bet at the given value. The act of giving players bonus spins is commonly used to promote new casino games, and to spur players to try out new slot or bingo games. 

You may feel that offering bonus spins on bingo games is a little surprising, and too good to be true –– and you’re absolutely right. Players purchase bingo tickets, have additional bonus spins, and hope for a win. For example, Bingo establishments such as 888 Bingo, Bounce Bingo, and Dabber Bingo often implement bonus spins as an alternative, where players buy-in games and hope to get lucky. Despite being a 90-ball bingo variant, there are a total of five chances to win: one-line, two-lines, a full house… and bonus spins as consolation prizes! Plus, winners would have their bonus spins credited to a popular real money slot game on the bingo site of their choice.

How Do I Get More?

Check out Jumpman Gaming by iGaming –– this software developer is well-known for showering various rewards of bonus spins on all its players, even if you’re a rookie! This leading iGaming company is the pioneer of the welcome bonus mega wheel which is prevalent across 120 bingo partner sites, such as Bingo Aliens, Charming Bingo, Barbados Bingo, and Bite Size Bingo. Plus, have you ever heard of the famous Jumpman Slots? Four years ago, Jumpman Gaming introduced Jumpman Slots, a software brand that offered an ever-so-slight change to the welcome bonus –– online sites such as Viking Bingo would produce a loot box that can provide up to 500 bonus spins on the player’s first deposit. 

There is a multitude of ways to win free bonus spins. For example, new players who deposit at least £10 upon signing up will trigger the wheel bonus spin or be assigned a loot box; either one of the two options would grant them the opportunity to win up to 500 bonus spins! These bonus spins can be used on pre-selected slots, such as famous Starburst video slots by NetEnt, or any of Eyecon’s favorites. Once the player has revealed their reward, they can move over to the slot of their choice to play out their bonus spins. 

Taking a Closer Look

However, you might want to take note of two certain limitations: firstly, that you may end up not winning at all, and secondly, that the wagering requirements may be too high. For example, regardless if you were to open the lost box or choose to spin the wheel, you could end up not winning anything at all. This sounds bad, but trust me, it’s the better option for you! 

Experiencing high wagering requirements might be even worse instead. Let’s say you’re able to win up to 500 bonus spins, with a cap of £8 per 10 spins –– the total winning amount would be turned over a total of 65x. In layman’s terms, this means that the amount you win would need to be played over 65 times, hence a £20 win would mean that you must spend £1,300 before you’re able to withdraw your winnings. Plus, any amount won over £20 will mean you spending even more money before you’re able to cash out. Fret not, there is a way to evade these wagering requirements. In order to keep 100% of your winnings and be able to cash out when you want to, is for you to not accept any bonus spins whatsoever. Unfortunately, it definitely won’t be as fun playing with only your deposit amount!

What’s the Bonus Welcome Offer?

This Bonus Welcome Offer comes in many variations: 100% would double your deposit, 200% would triple your deposit, and 300% would quadruple your deposit, so on and so forth. The good news about this offer? There are no limitations for this method, hence you’re free to play anything that catches your eye on the bingo sites –– such as slots, roulette, blackjack, and even progressive jackpot slots. 

However, similar to the bonus spin offer, you’ll need to meet several wagering requirements that would range based on each website and the number of bonuses offered. Remember to read the welcome offer fully before clicking accept, to ensure that you’re 100% satisfied with the turnover requirements. If you’re not happy, don’t accept the bonus!

Bonus Spins and Bingo Deposit Match: Which To Choose?

If I were to choose, I’d take a Bingo Deposit Match over Bonus Spins any day. The reason for this is simple –– the advantages offered by Bingo Deposit Match simply outweigh Bonus Spins by a large margin. Not only are there hardly any restrictions on what you can play, but it also increases your bankroll and has lower wagering requirements that give you more opportunities to win. 

On the other hand, bonus spins only come with one visible advantage: being able to understand how a specific slot works, without spending a single dime. This would allow you to understand the benefits from each of the bonus features, and identify which symbols provide you with more bonus spins –– all of which is handy information to have, before beginning to spend your own money.


If you’re still deciding between bingo deposit matches or bonus spins, fret not! There are several bingo sites that offer a combination of these two offers: bonus spins and boosts in the form of bingo tickets. These offers are all free of wagering requirements, so there are no pre-required terms and conditions that would require you to spend ridiculous amounts of money to withdraw your winnings.

Check out Dragonfish site Bingo Idol, an up-and-coming bingo site that offers lavish amounts of daily rewards, such as free tickets and bonus spins to the high reward jackpot games. All you’ll need is one £10 deposit, and you’re able to win a total of £100 free bingo tickets and 10 bonus spins! Plus, regardless if you win £10 or even £1,000,000, you’re promised to be able to keep 100 percent of your winnings, without any hidden exceptions. 

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