Top Tips You Need To Keep in Mind Before Attending Your First Concert

Are you preparing for your first concert? Well, if you do not know what to expect, it can be a bit tricky. Things will get all the more challenging if placed on the general admission floor without assigned seating. So, brace yourself because you are in for a long night, and it will surely be worth your time and money. Here, in this article, we will share some useful tips that you need to know when you attend the first-ever concert of your life. Let us get started and take a look at these tips, one by one. 

Waiting in line will be boring. So, if you do not love the artist enough, do not wait whole all day long.

Jennifer, one of the most brilliant online economics tutorsshares her experience, stating that she would be up at dawn when she just started attending concerts and go waiting outside the concert venue. Well, yes, that is the craze amongst a lot of people. Many people do not care about who is performing. They want to be in the front row. So, for that, they leave their homes at odd hours to ensure that they get a space closest to the performing artist. Now, as much as it is fun and games, let us talk some real sense into you. See, to get in the front, you will have to spend approximately eight hours outside the venue before the start of the concert. Of course, if you love the artist, it is a hundred percent worth it, but if you don’t, please save yourself from this trouble. Even if you reach half an hour before the gates close, you will still manage to get a decent spot for yourself in the crowd. The idea is to have fun, regardless of where you stand.

Learn the lyrics

Ray, an artist who offers online poetry classessays that he thinks it is all the more fun attending the concert if he knows the lyrics well. See, regardless of whether you know the wordings or not, live music can be quite an experience. However, we get the point Ray is trying to make here. It will undoubtedly be all the more fun if you have memorized the lyrics because then you can sing the songs along with your favorite artist. After all, don’t you know singing at the top of your voice to the point of bursting your lungs halfway through the show is indeed one of the most pivotal aspects of any concert experience. So, what should you do? Prepare for the event. Maybe listen to the artist’s album on repeat a day before the big day, and put your tears, blood, and sweat into deeply memorizing the lyrics. Believe us; it will be worth it. 

Do not watch the concert through the screen

Jessica, who offers do my paper services for students, says that one of the top tips that I give my friends for attending a concert is never to watch the show from the screen. Well, let us explain the point Jessica is trying to make here. See, when you attend a concert for the first time, you will naturally be overly enthusiastic. However, if you just record the entire show, how do you think you will enjoy the concert? Yes, it is okay to record while your favorite song is being sung, but the entire show? Most Definitely, No! The thing is, you may need that recording to post on your social media or reminisce the concert that you attended, but there will not be over one to two times when you will watch the full recording. So, record your favorite song, and for the rest of the time, sing and dance with your favorite artists. 

Pick a comfortable dress

See, attending a concert will 100% be an exhausting experience. You will have to stand the whole night and wait in long queues, as there is no assigned seating. Thus, it is vital that when you go to a concert, you dress comfortably. More than the dress, it is essential to wear a pair of comfortable shoes. Emily, who offers TopOnlineAssignmentServicessays that one of her biggest mistakes while attending the concert was wearing heels to the show. Well, if you do that, you will regret it all your life. Regardless of how short you may be, do not wear heels to a concert if you do not want to go back home with swollen feet. Since there will be a lot of people there, you should not wear open-toed shoes. Since the concerts are a cramped place with little breathing space, you will have people stepping on you. So, never wear open-toed shoes for the show.

Further, you need to ensure that the bottom wear that you wear is very comfortable. Lastly, do not forget to bring a bag with you. It will come in handy to keep your water bottle, wallet, and other essentials needed. However, we would recommend you to carry along only those things that you need. We are not suggesting, but there will be a huge crowd. Why do you want to put your expensive stuff at the risk of theft? 

Carry along a portable charger

When you go to a concert, you need to ensure that your phone is 100 percent charge. It is via your phone that you can tell your family or friends when you will return home. For the safety side, carry along a portable charger to ensure that you never run out of juice. See, even though you are out there for some singing and dancing, you will still use your phone to record videos and take pictures, and you do not want to take a chance, right? 

Get there early

We know we just said that waiting outside the venue for eight hours is not what you should do, but you should be reasonable and get to the venue ahead of time. See, getting there early will have its own perks. You can find a decent spot for yourself without splurging. If you reach ahead of time, you can guarantee a good and spacious spot for yourself.  

Leave some breathing space

To enjoy the concert to the fullest, you need to guard your own space, suggest Daisy, who works with TFTHSo, make sure you spread your legs to keep them at shoulder width. It will ensure that you have adequate breathing room. Stand your ground, and avoid getting squeezed or pushed in the crowd. 

Be prepared because there will be pushing

As much as you avoid it, you cannot prevent it. As and when the musician starts playing the first song, the crowd with scrunch together. So, naturally, everyone will try to get as close to the stage as possible. Be prepared, and do not be stumped if a stranger is pressed up hard against you. Honestly, the crowd is enormous. So, it is nothing to be upset about. However, if you think that someone is intentionally trying to touch you the ‘wrong’ way, immediately report the matter to security. You can always ask them to pull you out from the crowd or take you to some other comfortable spot. 

Even if you wait a whole day, there is no guarantee that you will end up in the front row.

Sofie, who works with MyPlumbersChoicesays that she and her boyfriend waited outside the concert venue for six hours, and despite that, they were nowhere close to the stage. Honestly, we have been there in a similar situation too. So, of course, hold your excitement till the time your spot is finally confirmed. Also, please do not feel disappointed if you see people who show up ten minutes before the door opens, getting a spot closer to the stage as opposed to you. It is possibly because they splurged more and got themselves a fast-pass or a VIP ticket. However, if you waited for hours, you will still make it somewhere near the stage. So, do not lose hope. 

Do not get physical with anyone

You will see many people pushing each other with their elbow in a concert, anytime they get carried away. If that happens to you, please maintain your cool. Joseph, an associate with Razorhoodshares that back in the day when he was 14, he attended his first concert where he got involved in a fistfight with another attendee. Do you know what happened next? Both Joseph and the other person in the fight were shown the door. The security will not see who started the fight or who pushed who, so save yourself from any embarrassing altercation, and do not engage in any fights. Please bear in mind, a lot of people there are not pushing you or throwing themselves on you on purpose. You are all standing in a minimal space, and the commotion and the chaos in the crowd are huge. So, ignore it, and keep calm.

So, these are a few of the essential tips that you need to bear in mind when you attend your first concert. We have not mentioned above, but do not go to the show without a massive bottle of water; you will need it. Rest, if you think any more tips should be added, do let us know in the comment box below.

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