Dressing Up with Alicia Atout and Salina de la Renta

Interview by Alicia Atout | @AliciaAtout

Alicia is the best. Salina is the worst. Due to our contract, I had to dress up in different fan requested costumes for Salina de la Renta. Although she thought she had the upper hand, whether it’s dressing up as a prisoner or her, I rocked the hell outta these outfits. Check out the entire video and tell us which side you’re on: #TeamAlicia (WAY BETTER) or #TeamSalina.

One thought on “Dressing Up with Alicia Atout and Salina de la Renta

  1. omg.

    The more I watch Alicia, the more awesome she is.

    Alicia’s gorgeous all-around,
    And so beautiful in the orange jumpsuit, still so sweet in the other pink thing,
    not so much in tryna look like Selena
    But Alicia looks so good in her own skin.
    And she’s so sweet.
    My gosh,
    I don’t know what’s happening to me.

    #TeamAlica for sure

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