History Related Slots Themes

The theme of a slot is incredibly important, for developers it helps inform how they are going to design a slot while for players a theme helps determine what slot they are going to play. Some themes are more popular than others, with some being used much more frequently.

There is no special ingredient which makes one theme resonant with players more than another. Historical themes have proven to be incredibly popular over the years. Below you’ll find out about the history theme in casino slots and discover some of the best history related slots that have been released. 

History Theme 

The history theme in slots can cover a whole range of things, it can be based in any previous time period and it can depict famous events in both a realistic and exaggerated style. Many developers cover the same historical events but approach them very differently, with some taking liberties and approaching the event from a tongue in cheek viewpoint while others want to remain as accurate as they can possibly be. Historical themes don’t just have to depict famous events of course, they could also shine a light on a side of history which people may not be awfully familiar with. The main purpose of historically themed slots is to entertain but perhaps their main appeal to players is their ability to also inform and provide a little enlightenment on previous events, even the slots which don’t take their historical theme very seriously are still relatively knowledgeable about the subject. 

Pharaoh King 

Players can enjoy a trip back to the Valley of Kings with this slot which was developed by Betsoft. Pharaoh King features a lovely aesthetic which perfectly captures Ancient Egypt and its rulers. Players can expect to see iconography related to Ancient Egyptian rulers throughout the slot including pyramids, hieroglyphs and other ancient treasures. Pharaoh King gives players the opportunity to journey deep into ancient tombs to find some hidden treasures and thanks to its bonus features and progressive jackpots, players can feel as if they unearthed some hidden treasures in real life as well.

Viking Age 

Developed by Betsoft, players journey back to a time where only the most vicious and violent thrive in Viking Age! The main aim of this slot is to conquer as many villages as possible, thanks to the realistic sound effects and lively soundtrack players will feel as if they are in the boots of the viking characters. Visually, the game is brightly colours and uses somewhat cartoonish graphics which help to level off the somewhat violent story of the slot.


Historical slots have proven to be incredibly popular amongst players, the chance to take a trip back in time to a bygone era thanks to the immersive nature of slot games is something which many find hard to resist. Thanks to the nature of online slots, these can either be a humorous look back to the past or an informative journey into the historical events which have shaped our planet. 

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