Best Bands to Listen to When Visiting Online Casinos

Like any fun pastime, gambling online is best done with some music. This is a pretty standard way to do things, and most online casinos will include one kind of music or another as part of their games. However, these are rarely what you would call “good music” and are often repetitious and annoying jingles more than anything else. What you’re going to want to do is mute that tab and throw something better on, which is where this guide comes in. Below are a few suggestions for bands that would go well with a bit of online gambling:

Zero 7

Let’s paint a picture here. You’re happy, relaxed, and ready to spend some time on an online Casino. So, you click open ready to play a few rounds, have some fun, and chill out. Feeling this way means you’re going to want to listen to something nice and calm, something that keeps those relaxed vibes going, something like Zero 7.

Since their debut album Simple Things in 2001, Zero 7 have been masters of downtempo style music and were actually one of the frontrunners in the early 2000’s chillout genre. Any one of their albums would be ideal company for a chilled-out game session, but perhaps one of their best is their first which features Vocals from Sia herself that could give you chills.


If you’re not feeling the chilled-out music, then don’t dismay; there are still some great music options out there. You’re here to win, you’re pumped, and you want something that’ll have you riding that music high all the way to your next victory. There are very few things that’ll get you rough and ready, as well as some good old-fashioned rock and roll, and when it comes to rock, you can’t go wrong with Halestorm.

Lzzy Hale has a voice that kicks like a shotgun, and along with her fellow rockers: Joe Hottinger, Josh Smith, and Arejay Hale, Lzzy has brought Halestorm to the forefront of the rocking world. The band’s most recent album, Vicious, is an incredible journey through hard riffs and phenomenal vocals that are sure to get any rock fan’s blood pumping – perfect for when you are playing casino games. Halestorm’s incredible music would be the ideal companion for a high pace, hearts racing, competitive game and will help to keep you going at an eleven all the way through their albums.

Patent Pending

Finally, if you still want to have a good time and play to win but maybe want something a little more low-key than hard rock, then maybe something a little more indie-pop is for you. If you’re looking for something upbeat, energetic, and hopeful, then look no further than Patent Pending.

Fronted by singer Joe Ragosta, Patent Pending is a talented group responsible for producing some amazing music. Their album Riot Hearts Rebellion is a great example of the groups’ enthusiastic poppy sound and the inspiring themes inherent in most of their music. When you listed to Patent pending, you’ll probably end up feeling better about the world around you.

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