Three Things You Can Enjoy With Your Friends

Sometimes there just isn’t anything better than spending a couple of hours in the company of friends. Especially old friends. However, it can be tough deciding what to do other than sitting in each other’s backyard drinking cold beer, which could sound like the ideal evening to many. However, it is good to have a change in routine and enjoy different experiences together. Here’s a few unique things you can do.

Make a total change and prepare a meal

Really treat your friends and let them know how much they mean to you by cooking them a gourmet meal to have with their favorite beer. There are loads of recipes on the internet, and generally, the best and the tastiest are the ones that are not as complicated as you think.

Make sure to practice your chosen recipe before the big night to make sure that you are happy dishing it up to your friends and make plenty for those hungry tummies. It is a sad host who sends their guests away with rumbling stomachs.

Set up a sports-watching evening

Set up a sports-watching evening with beers and nibbles. This could be a regular occurrence if you take turns on whose home you watch in. if you and your friends support different teams, perhaps it is safer to try new sports to watch so that you are not arguing and there is no friction between them you. You could even try betting on the Euros as an additional way to enjoy sport.

Choosing different venues to drink at

Have a change of scenery and take drinking down the local bar or try going to neighboring bars. Selecting the next drinking hole can be an enjoyable game if taken in turns and being a point of great conversation and funny stories should a friend choose a none too desirable establishment as their choice.

There are a lot of experiences waiting for those who decide they are willing to venture into new territory, as well as a lot of fun and drinks to be had.

Final thoughts

So, if you decide that although you enjoy sitting in your back yard with your best friends and having a cold beer, a change would be welcome not only from your point of view but for theirs as well, here are a few ideas.

Cooking your friends a gourmet meal and wow the socks off of them will go down particularly well if it isn’t just getting the barbeque out and dusting it off. Make sure to cook plenty and to try the recipe beforehand to check that it is good enough for showcasing to your friends.

Try organizing a sports night and get your friends round for nibbles and a beer or two. Settle down in front of the TV and enjoy the game. If you know that you and your friends support different teams, try to pick games where they are not playing against each other. Or you could try and introduce a new sport altogether and see how that goes down.

Visit different drinking venues with your friends just as a change of scenery and gain new experiences together.

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