Are the prizes changing in slots online as I change my bet?

For those of you just starting out, or even the high rollers here who are almost as lost as we are, one issue that keeps arising in online slots games is whether or not the bonuses and prizes change as you alter your wager – play royal charm.

The idea here is that only those willing to go all in are actually ever going to get the sweet jackpot or any other big prizes, or if the size of the prizes change to accommodate the bet. Basically, the small fry are asking if their little bets still give them a chance at hitting big.

So, how does it Work?

Now, as some of you veteran gamers may know, the wins in online slots are based off of a random number generator (RNG) in a convoluted algorithm that basically dictates whether you are going to win or not. Of course, the games would be a complete rip off if it was completely down to these systems, so those clever developers add in their odds of you winning to make sure that you are both hooked and filling your boots with jewels.

Side note: If your favourite online slot game is providing less than 96% RTP then it is time for you to switch games!

That being said, you want to know how the jackpot works in relation to your wager:

1.       Progressive Jackpots – There are two main types of jackpots, and they are directly influenced by your wager. Progressive jackpots are accumulated by all the players who are NOT placing the maximum bet possible. So, if you do not go all in, any loses you make will go straight into the pockets of whoever will be taking that juicy jackpot!

2.       Fixed Jackpot – Now this is the good stuff you have all been waiting for, but it comes at a price. You, generally speaking, online get a shot at the fixed jackpot by placing the highest stake possible. Meaning that the rewards can be great but altering your bet to adjust to achieve this can lead you to also losing big! Consider your options and decide accordingly.

Should you, Therefore, Alter your Bet to Attempt to Achieve the Jackpot?

Know the two types of jackpot and what you have to do to be able to achieve them, you might be wondering what is more worthwhile? We are here to keep you in the know, with our comprehensive pros and cons list of progressive and fixed jackpot report you can decide for yourself and bet safely:

Points for Progressive JackpotsPoints for Fixed Jackpots
You add to this for any loss, meaning the big fish will have your moneyYou can win super big juicy jackpots
You can still get other prizes from small betsThis requires your funds to meet the maximum bet, which can be costly
No guarantee of winningNo guarantee of winning also
Can place small bets and play it safeRisks you losing a hell of a lot of money

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