Gimme Your Answers 2: A Video Interview w/ Maxïmo Park

Maximo Park

This is one of the most meaningful interviews I've ever hosted. Maxïmo Park are a band who have been in my life since I was eight years old and their music means more to me than I could ever explain! With that being said, you can only imagine my excitement

Review: Maxïmo Park @ Albert Hall – Manchester

The last time I saw Maximo Park was when they supported The Libertines at Hyde Park in 2013 and since then I have eagerly anticipated seeing a headline show. Albert Hall was the special setting for their show marking 10 years since the release of their Mercury nominated album A

Gimme Your Answers 2: An Interview w/ Maxïmo Park

Maximo Park

As one of the most popular indie rock bands established since the turn of the century, Maxïmo Park have amassed one of the largest cult following in the British music scene and abroad. With years of touring under their belt and four studio albums to their name, they are about

Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Maxïmo Park

AI have been a longtime fan of Maxïmo Park. I remember the first time I heard Graffiti stopping dead in my tracks and muttering who the hell is this. Since that day I have followed their career and I can proudly boast that they are my favorite band. It is

Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Paul Smith

Paul Smith

"This record might be a new twist on the classic frontman." When asked about my all-time favourite lyricists, my answer for close to a decade has been Charlie Fink of Noah and the Whale, Blaine Harrison of Mystery Jets, and Paul Smith of Maxïmo Park (and I don't see this

AMBY’s Best Interview Quotes of 2012: Part Four

We’re going all the way back, through all the interviews of the year, to give you the scoop on the best interview quotes of 2012! Here’s Part Four, featuring our interviews with Django Django, Maximo Park, Turin Brakes, Charlotte Cooper from The Subways and The Pigeon Detectives! AMBY: And lastly, tell

Gimme Your Answers (Beyond the Stage): An Interview w/ Alex Oakley

Ever wonder what happens beyond the stage? Well we do. These roadies, managers, guitar techs, lighting directors, A&R, and even positions you may not have known about make the music you love come alive! So we spoke with guitar tech Alex Oakley to see what magic he pulls behind the

Monday, August 20th, 2012: Singles Playlist

A lot of the time we want a solid playlist where we can sit down, read or draw, and not have to get up to change a track. We found that singles tend to make excellent candidates for this mood! Here are some singles where the band's song is so