16 artists you should be following on Instagram

16 artists you should be following on Instagram

As a music website, we see our fair share of artists' Instagram accounts. Below are a few of our favourites, spanning from indie-rock geniuses The Maccabees to disco-dance creators Saint Motel. Find their Instagram handles below, along with our Spotify Playlist which features all of these great acts. And be

AMBY’s 50 favourite songs of 2015

50 Fave Songs of 2015

2015 has been an incredible year for music. On January 1st, AMBY started a list of our favourite songs, each day adding tracks we adore which have been released throughout the year. Now that 2015 is coming to an end, we're pleased to share with our readers our 50 favourite

Getting Cozy With: SHINERS


We're SHINERS and we're an East London based band. We call our sound 'Britwave' which is a mixture of Brit Pop and New Wave thrown together to make a new, fresh sound. We've spent the summer doing some wicked shows with the likes of DMAs, Spector, and The Bohicas alongside

Concert Review: The Jesus and Mary Chain @ Troxy – London

The Jesus And Mary Chain

As The Jesus and Mary Chain took to the stage at London’s Troxy, it was evident that a great deal has changed for the brothers Reid since the release of their truly landmark debut, ‘Psychocandy’. With the crowd a mixture of those who were there and those who wish they

Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ The Drums

The Drums

There's always been something special about The Drums. It's hard to be unique nowadays, as it seems hundreds of new bands are forming every day. I remember listening to Best Friend for the first time; the music was so joyous and upbeat, yet when that first lyric of "You're my

Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Conveyor


We're delighted to bring Conveyor's experimental art-rock to AMBY today. The quirky New York foursome is comprised of T.J. Masters (vocals, guitar), Alan Busch (vocals, guitar), Evan Garfield (backing vocals, drums), and Michael Pedron (backing vocals, bass). With a new record currently in the works and their latest single Mammal

Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Paul Orwell

Paul Orwell

SoundCloud, Twitter, and Facebook are a wonderful platform for new and unsigned artists. With these in mind this artist found me via Twitter, I in turn found his musical talent through SoundCloud and was instantly blown away by Paul Orwell’s sixties sounding vibe. After a bit of investigating I discovered

Getting Cozy With… The Doctorates!

We are the unmistakable clang of Joe Strummer swinging a Telecaster into the face of the Gallagher brothers. We are the uncompromising roar of adolescence and the unflinching result of boredom in the countryside. We are three teenagers with no desire to get proper jobs. We are The Doctorates. With an

Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Jared Bartman

Jared Bartman

Jared Bartman has the beautiful ability of matching poetic lyrics with lush arrangements and heartfelt, folk vibes.With the upcoming release of his new album Misery Makes Strange Bedfellows coming out on November 19th, A Music Blog, Yea? had the opportunity of catching up with him.  Have a read as we

Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Decoy Jet

Decoy Jet

London quartet Decoy Jet recently released their first single Action Reaction-- a fresh take on good ol' strong British rock 'n' roll. This song has got us feeling alive as Decoy Jet infuse their Brit-rock with jangled guitars and indie charm. With the single recently hitting over 3,000 listens on