Gimme Your Answers 2: A Video Interview w/ Tom Odell

Tom Odell

Ahead of his Toronto performance at The Mod Club in Toronto on October 11th, AMBY met up with Tom Odell to discuss his new record release Wrong Crowd. While together, we also talk about celebrities who love his music, getting in trouble, moments of pure joy, and how we both

You’ve GOT to Hear This: Tom Odell – “Storms”

Tom Odell

It would be fair to say that there is a significant amount of hype surrounding 22-year-old Tom Odell, from Chichester. He has featured in the long list for the BBC Sound Of 2013, had one of his songs – Another Love –  used to advertise the Beeb’s 2013 schedule, won

Concert Review // Tom Odell @ The Great Hall


Tom Odell // The Great Hall // 25.09.13 We’ve often heard of a triple threat as someone who can sing, dance, and act, but on September 25, Tom Odell proved that theory wrong. Tom Odell is nothing short of an expert pianist, vocalist, and lyricist, and at the Great Hall in

Gimme Your Answers 2: An Interview w/ Tom Odell

Tom Odell

On September 25th, on a sunny park bench in Toronto, Tom Odell met with us to discuss touring, his current album, and possible thoughts for another. AMBY: You’ve been playing a ton of festivals this year, and recently played the iTunes Festival and BESTIVAL. So what have been some of the

Tom Odell // Vinyl Giveaway

Tom Odell

Hot off playing the iTunes Festival and BESTIVAL, we're excited to announce that we have a giveaway for all of our readers who are Tom Odell fans. This British singer-songwriter's debut album Long Way Down is up for giveaway on A Music Blog, Yea?, courtesy of With A Bullet Promotion. To enter

Tom Odell // Ticket and Vinyl Giveaway

Tom Odell

Tom Odell is playing Toronto's The Great Hall on Wednesday, September the 25th. Courtesy of Sony Music, A Music Blog, Yea? is giving away a pair of tickets to the show, and a vinyl copy of Tom Odell's Long Way Down! To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is

Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Tom Odell

It was a real pleasure speaking with Tom Odell last week. There was much to talk about as his debut record Long Way Down will soon be released! Tom was very sweet and gracious with his time, and took a moment out of his busy schedule to speak with AMBY

Gimme Your Answers (Beyond the Stage): An Interview w/ Tom McAdam

Ever wonder what happens beyond the stage? Well we do. These roadies, managers, guitar techs, lighting directors, A&R, and even positions you may not have known about make the music you love come alive! We spoke with the talented Tom McAdam to find out which tricks he pulls behind the scenes

Gimme Your Answers: A Video Interview w/ Barns Courtney

Barns Courtney

During his recent tour with Tom Odell, singer and songwriter Barns Courtney met up with AMBY in a park to talk everything from clingy moms to getting fired. This interview was a constant laugh, and has to be one of our funniest ones yet, so dive into our conversation as