Gimme Your Answers 5: A Video Interview w/ Vance Joy

Interview by Alicia Atout | @AliciaAtout I can't wait for you all to check out my fifth interview with the always lovely Vance Joy! It was so fun catching up with this incredible artist after so long, especially since he's been releasing earworms like his single Missing Piece. Check out the

Gimme Your Answers 5: A Video Interview w/ Vance Joy

Vance Joy

Welcome to interview round five with Australian singer, songwriter, and AMBY friend Vance Joy -- that's right, we've done one emailer and four in-person interviews with this charming artist! Ahead of his sold-out show at The Danforth Music Hall in Toronto, I met up with James Keogh to catch up

Gimme Your Answers 4: A Video Interview w/ Vance Joy

In our latest interview, AMBY caught up with one of our favourite artists Vance Joy while at WayHome Festival. Enjoy our exclusive interview below as we discuss amazing fan posters, touring with Taylor Swift, a song inspired by Lena Dunham's book, new music, and raising the bar. Interview by Alicia Atout

Gimme Your Answers 3: A Video Interview w/ Vance Joy

Vance Joy

It's always a special feeling to be part of something before it explodes and becomes a (much deserved) next big thing -- that statement has no exceptions when it comes to music. Being his first interview in Canada back in September of last year, it's truly incredible to see how far

Concert Review + Photos: Vance Joy and Sam Cash @ The Phoenix – Toronto

Vance Joy

Need a way to ward off the Halloween scares? How about cozying up to the likeable Aussie charm of Vance Joy? Count your blessings Toronto, because you got a double dose of the scruffy man from Down Under. Local songster Sam Cash was a last minute replacement to the ailing Jaymes

Gimme Your Answers 2: A Video Interview w/ Vance Joy

Vance Joy Interview

Vance Joy (James Keogh) released his debut EP God Loves You When You’re Dancing back in March (released in the U.S. and Canada on September 3rd), and it was an honour to speak with this gifted singer/songwriter last month. His absolutely intoxicating song Riptide is one of our favourite tunes of the

Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Vance Joy

Vance Joy

From playing his music perfectly on a crowded tram in the streets of Melbourne, to having his music verified GOLD, Vance Joy is an artist with striking, glowing talent. I recently stated (on our About the Writers page) that Vance Joy's Riptide is one of my top five songs of

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