A Closer Look: “The 86’d”

the 86'd

Music connects. It connects one with memories made while listening to that perfect song. It connects people. It connects generations. Like many, my prime musical influence growing up was my father. To this day, no matter how a topic starts, it eventually winds down to a discussion about a song or

A Closer Look: “Scrapbook”

Madness and the Film

Growing up in a pre-Internet world, I was fortunate enough to have a musical experience that has largely been lost to today's world. Playing the radio while studying, most of the songs would be simply background music to keep me awake and engaged. But then, seemingly out of nowhere, a

A Closer Look: “The Unassisted”

The Unassisted

I have many classic albums that routinely make an appearance through my daily listening. These are albums that may have been defining for the band or perhaps just had personal significance to me. Among these classics is The Doors' LA Woman. The album contains two classic songs – Riders on

A Closer Look: “This Condition”

This Condition

I grew up with good music. My father had an impressive collection of records and cassettes I would sort through on a routine basis. I had a small Sesame Street cassette deck which I used it to play bands like The Who, The Doors, and Led Zeppelin. And, I was

A Closer Look: “Running Red Lights”

There are few things I value more than creativity. It is a truly unique phenomena that seems to manifest itself a different way in everybody. It is a characteristic of human intelligence that is far from algorithmic or predictable. There is no way it can be broken down into an

A Closer Look: In the Flesh

I've always had a fascination with live music. I grew up listening to bands who cultivated their sound on stage. New songs evolved in the presence of a captivated audience. I collected live albums from my favourite bands. I hunted down rare recordings that showcased the evolution of songs I