Getting Cozy With: WITTERQUICK


Hey readers of AMBY! We are WITTERQUICK, a rock band from Exeter, UK, made up of Will Alford, Ollie Chanter, Nate Boult, Ben Chanter, and Joe Napper. Rock is an awfully large label, you really need to hear us to get an idea of what we are. Our influences stretch every genre

Getting Cozy With: Symmetry


Los Angeles, California. It all started on Hollywood Blvd. at the Musicians Institute. This is where I met my guitarist Jared Hara while we were both taking our first steps into the LA music scene. While I attended M.I. for audio engineering, Jared was busy melting faces while studying with some

Getting Cozy With: SHINERS


We're SHINERS and we're an East London based band. We call our sound 'Britwave' which is a mixture of Brit Pop and New Wave thrown together to make a new, fresh sound. We've spent the summer doing some wicked shows with the likes of DMAs, Spector, and The Bohicas alongside

Getting Cozy With: Tom Prior

Tom Prior

My name is Tom Prior. I’m from Enfield, North London and I write songs. Making music takes up most of the minutes in my day. I immersed myself in UK Grime growing up, I was fascinated by how people chose to use words and also how they delivered them. As time passed,

Getting Cozy With: Mind Enterprises

Mind Enterprises

I just woke up, I'm sitting in my bed, my girlfriend next to me, we're drinking coffee. She drinks lot of coffee, up to 10 cups a day but I can't, it makes me freak out, I guess I'm sensitive to caffeine. I'm actually very sensitive to all kinds of chemical

Getting Cozy With: Talay


Hi AMBY! Talay here – nice to meet you. I’m a singer-songwriter and guitarist based in New York City and I just released my first EP, Piece by Piece this October. You can grab it for whatever price you like on my BandCamp! Written while I was in college at The University of Miami’s

Getting Cozy With: Graces


In Summer 2015 in a small garage studio Graces began. Up until that point 2015 had been the worst year of my life; things weren’t looking up. Graces is my attempt to turn things around, write the music I always wanted to write, and create the band I’d always wanted

Getting Cozy With: Armchair Committee

Armchair Committee

Armchair Committee first formed as Tom Hackwell (Guitar/Vocals) and myself (Dave Larkin, Bass/Vocals) demo-ing some tracks in a filthy apartment in North Carolina during an extended trip to the USA in 2011. After writing a few embryonic song ideas while there, we moved to Bristol and started playing gigs and

Getting Cozy With: Tuska


Yoo we are Tuska; A duo who are experimenting with new sounds & grooves with the intention of making the kids bop. We have been writing for the past year and have finally decided to present our findings to the public in the shape of our first record 'Fine' (check out

Getting Cozy With: Espa


Dear Friends, Sometimes I think of all the people in the world who I have never met and whom I will never meet, they feel so distant but yet we are the same. We have all met before and will again, every moment. The Individualist ideals that we get taught as