“Deap Vally” #2

Deap Vally // Artwork

Put simply... I love Deap Vally! They're one of my favourite bands. I think they're incredibly awesome and I really hope I get the opportunity to see them live. I couldn't make it to their last Liverpool gig so I'm hoping the ladies return to the city in the near

“The Thespians”

The Thespians

Hey guys! I think The Thespians are a great band and I've been wanting to do something on them for a while now. Anyway I was looking up the meaning of the word thespian and I somehow ended up finding imagery of Greek statues, this was were the idea started to

“Deap Vally”

Everyone, we have a new artist aboard Team AMBY! Welcome Leeann Walker and all her amazing graphics and doodles to the site! With her unique spin on band portraits, we're thrilled to show you her first piece on Deap Vally! Alicia Atout