Let Me Introduce You To… Tandem Felix

Tandem Felix are a four-piece band from Dublin, Ireland. I first heard their name over two years ago; a friend of mine had mentioned them on a number of occasions, but for some reason, I never really checked out their music. At the time, I was pretty big into post-rock, so

Let Me Introduce You To… Race the Flux

Race the Flux are an electronic rock four piece, based in Galway, Ireland. Easily one of my favorite live bands, I’ve seen them four or five times in the past year, and they just get better every time. Their music seamlessly blends elements of dance music and math rock, with soaring

Let Me Introduce You To… Malavera

After getting a follow from Malavera on Twitter, I checked out their demo and was pleasantly surprised. They’re a five-man band from Buenos Eros Argentina, and put out a demo called Malavera: demos. The Sex Scene is the first of the ten songs, with a total post-punk vibe, almost channeling Joy Division’s

Let Me Introduce You To… Royal Hoax

“I can’t decide if my attention being drawn to this Detroit three-piece is down to a spooky coincidence of (bad) timing, or simply just pretty damn fine opportunity spotting / capitalising on behalf of their PR Company!” – LoudHorizon Blog This was a typical reaction to the pre-Christmas news that a

Let Me Introduce You To… Townhouse

Hello everyone on AMBY. I'm Jack Skey and I live in London, my blog is Towers Music. I would be honoured to introduce my friend Sam's band Townhouse. *** Townhouse’s second ever gig was on Thursday 17/01/13 at the infinitely cool Boogaloo pub in north London. I say infinitely cool because it’s

Let Me Introduce You To… Emperor The Stag

Introducing: South Coast alt-rock 4 piece Emperor The Stag For fans of Elbow/Doves/The Smiths - Debut EP Speedwell Drive is out now, with a follow up on the way.  *** The missing stag, the 'Emperor' of Exmoor may well have been unnecessarily shot and attached to a wall - but his spirit will

Let Me Introduce You To… The Cape Race

I have a love hate relationship with Manchester band The Cape Race and it's not because myself and lead singer David Moloney support rival football teams! Whilst I love their music dearly I very rarely get the chance to hear it live, for a band of their stature this is

Let Me Introduce You To… Lupine Bell

The first time I was introduced to Lupine Bell, their music was really intriguing, but I have to tell you, their name got me. All honesty, at first I thought "what the hell is a lupine bell?!" After having the opportunity of speaking to their vocalist Matt, he explained "it's

Let Me Introduce You To… Shade of Red

Double-Feature on Shade of Red ft. Let Me Introduce You To… & Gimme Your Answers! With such fetching vocals, warming harmonies, and a comforting vibe, the band from St. Ives, Cornwall really hooked me. The band consists of Dani, Elliot, Isaac, Fred and Josh, and they began back in 2011 with their