7 Lucky Reasons to Learn the Beautiful Irish Violin

Knowing how to play a musical instrument confidently is a rewarding and fun skill. Despite the beautiful atmosphere of mysticism surrounding violins, many people believe that learning to play this well-known and much-loved musical instrument is too harsh, too expensive, or simply too tricky. However, you might be astonished to

Are vinyl records fans preferring more colored vinyl or black?

Vinyl record sales have been doing so well after it resurfaced in overall physical sales in 2006. It has actually climbed up so much that it has surpassed CD’s decreasing sales last year. Among the numerous reasons why the vinyl record format has risen to it’s spot today is their aesthetic.

The Mental Characteristics of Abstract Artists

It is ironically something of a left-brain thing, but the question is often posed with regards to whether there are a common set of character or personality traits that define a person as an artist. Interestingly, this question appears to be more than one of passing curiosity, particularly when considering that

How to Choose the Right Strings for Your Banjo?

The right Banjo strings have a big influence on the playability, toning, and sound of your instrument. And the right one doesn’t come in with any specific set. Actually, it is a matter of the musician’s personal preference and the Banjo type. If you know the sound you need and

Stars in Your Eyes – Celebrities Who Also Happen to be Gamers

A lot of the time, celebrities can not feel like real people, and it’s quite easy to see why. They exist as people on huge screens, on our instagram feeds, on towering posters and billboards that we drive past. The disparity between the “normal” world and “their world” can seem galactic

4 Most Popular Music-Themed Online Slot Games in Poland

There is no denying that when you are playing slot games, you will need to accompany the fun with some music. Good music will see your feet tapping and your heart racing. You will also enjoy playing your favorite slot game with some music playing. When you expect to play the

4 Surprising Benefits of Online Gaming

Online gaming has a bad reputation but there are actually lots of surprising benefits to playing online games and video games. Whether it’s providing an escape from the often monotonous routine of daily life, being an outlet for stress relief, or improving your problem-solving skills, there’s a lot to be

Opportunities for musicians in the world of online casinos

From the beginning of the casino boom, the combination of casinos, gambling and entertainment was evident. Soon after Bugsy had his concept in the desert to establish Las Vegas, performers flocked to the casinos to attract players and amuse gamblers. Since then, the link involving casinos/gambling and musicians has only gotten

Are the prizes changing in slots online as I change my bet?

For those of you just starting out, or even the high rollers here who are almost as lost as we are, one issue that keeps arising in online slots games is whether or not the bonuses and prizes change as you alter your wager - play royal charm. The idea here

What are Vegas Slots and Why are they Popular?

Las Vegas has always been the biggest and the most lavish centre of casino activity in the world. Inspired by the grandeur of casino life of LV, developers introduced Vegas Slots carrying the same charm. These slots are expected to deliver the best in business, and they always do -