Exclusive Video: “The Griswolds” Play AMBY A Song

The Griswolds

AMBY adores Australian dance-rock group The Griswolds. From featuring the foursome three years ago when the site was just created to interviewing them in-person last summer, it's always a pleasure teaming up with this group! In celebration of all the love and romance in the air on Valentine's Day, The Griswolds

Exclusive Video: “Royal Tusk” Play AMBY A Song

After catching Royal Tusk on three separate occasions during NXNE, you can damn well bet that their Americana-rock placed a cozy spot in my mind for weeks after seeing them, making this group one of my favourite "NXNE live discoveries". Taken from their latest release Mountain EP, the soulful quintet

Exclusive Video: “Denim Snakes” Play AMBY A Song

Denim Snakes

We first introduced our readers to South Wales quartet Denim Snakes on March 2nd by using their debut single Party Hard as Song of the Day. Flash forward to May, the band are currently in the studio recording new material for their upcoming album and Party Hard is now officially

Exclusive Video: “Beeches” Play AMBY A Song


Scottish indie-rock foursome Beeches consists of friends Oscar Gormley (vocals and guitar), Walter Kemp Bruce (drums), Robert Igoe (vocals and guitar), and Amadeus Brzezinski (bass). Throughout 2013, the group were busy recording two songs at the Castle Sound studios and 2014 brought the release of their first official single as Beeches,

Exclusive Video: “Kat Quinn” Plays AMBY A Song

Kat Quinn

New York songstress Kat Quinn spoke with A Music Blog, Yea? back in February about her latest release Kind of Brave. In our feature, she told AMBY readers, "if you love ukuleles, paper planes, harmonies, fairytales and/or evil witches, secret confessions, and harmonies (again), then this might just be the

Exclusive Video: “Polar Maps” Play AMBY A Song

Polar Maps

Having formed in the late summer of 2013, Isle of Wight trio Polar Maps are currently writing and recording material for their forthcoming debut EP. In our latest feature with the band, Polar Maps told A Music Blog, Yea? they've been "working hard to get it out asap, along with

Exclusive Video: “New Arcades” Play AMBY A Song

New Arcades

New Arcades are a London electronic duo inspired by nostalgic memories of 80's cinema and vintage synth sounds. Comprised of Dean Canty and Adam Sullivan, the band released their Scenes EP on February 28th -- an EP which included all of the synth-pop goodness you could ever want in a

Exclusive Video: “Carousels & Limousines” Play AMBY A Song

Carousels & Limousines

Bath rock and rollers Carousels & Limousines brought their soulful and irresistible Americana-folk in their critically acclaimed debut album Home To Andy’s back in June of last year. The quintet comprised of Sam Gotley (lead vocals and guitar), Jamie Wales (guitar and vocals), Finn McNulty (bass and vocals), Martyn James

Exclusive Video: “Hedda Aronssen” Plays AMBY A Song

Hedda Aronssen

Hedda Aronssen is a Norwegian singer-songwriter inspired by good pop music. In our feature with her last month, Hedda listed a few of her musical heroes as Joni Mitchell, Carole King, and Susanne Sundfør. She also told AMBY that she "always appreciated a good lyric", which is rather funny because

Exclusive Video: “TwoSixOnes” Play AMBY A Song


The TwoSixOnes are back! The London quartet is comprised of Andre Bell (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Rich Williams (backing vocals and lead guitar), Rory Tufano (backing vocals and bass), and Jimmy Pallagrosi (backing vocals and drums). Their main mission? To make folks dance to their upbeat pop! In our latest