Ticket Giveaway: A Great Big World @ The Danforth Music Hall

A Great Big World

Playing Toronto's cozy and intimate The Drake to the large The Danforth Music Hall is quite an impressive venue jump for any band. This only goes to show the rapid success New York duo A Great Big World has gained since they were in town last January. This time through,

Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ A Great Big World

A Great Big World

Today marks the release and celebration of A Great Big World's new record Is There Anybody Out There?. Currently on a North American tour, the New York duo (comprised of Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino) kicked the release off with Good Morning America and are set to have a Livestream

Concert Review // A Great Big World @ The Drake

A Great Big World

On January 14th at the Drake Underground the bass vibrated confetti from the ceiling. It fell kind of sadly, individually, like the last leaf of autumn. The intimate crowd was gathered around the stage to watch A Great Big World, a band wrapped up in a whirlwind of popular culture