Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Last Good Tooth

Last Good Tooth

Last Good Tooth's debut record Not Without Work and Rest is out today! So, what better way to celebrate than posting our exclusive interview with these musical comics? Last Good Tooth spoke with AMBY about their favourite 80's movies, a sky diving accident, and "Mayo-Less Potato Salad Please". This interview

Getting Cozy With… Last Good Tooth!

Five students — "criminal" Penn Sultan (Guitars, Vocals.), "athlete" Arthur Kapp (Drums), "brain" Alex Spoto (Fiddles), "basket case" Kevin Sullivan (Sheedy Bass), and "princess" Claire Standish (Ringwald) — report for Saturday morning detention on March 24, 1984 at Shermer High School in the Chicago suburb of Shermer, Illinois. While not complete strangers,