Concert Review // The Stacks and Broken Witt Rebels @ The Victoria

The Stacks

Right away I have to admit that this probably might have well been my favourite gig in Birmingham this year. Fantastic promoter Chris Johnson Presents… got together some of the Midlands’ best bands, including the rock bands Broken Witt Rebels and The Stacks. Everyone attending was massively excited about the

Broken Witt Rebels: Concert Review!

Broken Witt Rebels

Broken Witt Rebels // The Flapper in Birmingham // 16.08.13 Not long ago I had the great chance of attending a Broken Witt Rebels sound check and concert in Birmingham and I had a wonderful time. Read this article to see what happened. Actually Broken Witt Rebels had planned a concert in

You’ve GOT to Hear This: “Call Out The Sun”

Call Out The Sun by Broken Witt Rebels Broken Witt Rebels from Birmingham UK have released their new single Call Out The Sun on 19th July and wow it’s a really great summer tune! Not only the title is brilliant but also the song and don’t forget the video, in which

Saturday, April 6th, 2013: Weekend Wiki-Wiki-What Playlist

Don't be deceived... This weekend's playlist has absolutely nothing to do with remixes! We just find it overly amusing to say Weekend Wiki-Wiki-What Playlist. Although there are no remixes, there ARE however some amazing new songs and bands to check out. So go ahead and enjoy them, and your weekend!

Friday, March 15th, 2013: Mega-Playlist

It's almost the weekend! To kick it off we've created a list of tracks by some brilliant bands. Well, that pretty much sums everything up! So now all that's left is to just kick back and enjoy! The Dancers- For Something In Your Eyes Skint & Demoralised- The Queen of Chelsea Bagatelle- Jackson RudyTrixX-

Monday, February 18th, 2013: New Musique

Happy Monday everyone! I must admit, I'm amazed with how many new bands AMBY has taken a liking to this week! There's an insanely massive amount of great music out there. So to feature a few of these artists we created this playlist for you and your ears to enjoy! Sparrowhawk- Living