Getting Cozy With: Veludo Planes

Veludo Planes

We are Veludo Planes, a four-piece indie/alternative band from the south coast of the UK. We’re made up of two identical twin brothers, a potential triplet candidate, and blonde bombshell. After meeting at college, on the same music course, we formed a band and started gigging. Our shared love of

Getting Cozy With… The Planes!

The Planes are an Indie Rock outfit from the south coast of England, and after successfully releasing their first professional EP, ‘On Demand’, back in January, the lads are now keen on furthering their development as a band. Comprising of identical twins, Chris and Mike Smith, along with Sam Wardle

Getting Cozy With… Life Model!

Life Model (formed in 2012) are a 5-piece noisepop/shoegaze band from Glasgow, Scotland. The band mixes classic shoegaze influences such as My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive and Curve with alternative bands such as Sonic Youth, Smashing Pumpkins and The Pixies. The band’s current line-up consists of Sophie Evans (vocals), Chris Smith (guitar), Stuart