Gimme Your Answers: A Video Interview w/ Augustines


On the morning of March 11th, AMBY met up with Augustines at iYellow, a cozy wine club tucked just south of Queen Street, between Simcoe and Duncan. Billy McCarthy (vocals, guitar), Eric Sanderson (bass, keyboards, vocals), and Rob Allen (drums, percussion) had just gotten back from Montreal at 11PM the

Concert Review // Augustines @ Kool Haus

Augustines // Kool Haus // 17.10.13 Augustines warmed up Toronto’s Kool Haus on a rainy Thursday night, beginning their set with “Chapel Song” from Rise Ye Sunken Ships (2011) and following it up with a later track, “Juarez,” from that same album. Little whiffs of smoke floated around Billy McCarthy’s (vocals,

Five Favourite Fab Gigs: We Are Augustines

We Are Augustines are a band AMBY will never tire of. After our interview with them, I found myself listening to their album Rise Ye Sunken Ships far more often which resulted in completely falling in love with it. Hearing how this Brooklyn trio rock their concerts really put We