Exclusive Video: “New Arcades” Play AMBY A Song

New Arcades

New Arcades are a London electronic duo inspired by nostalgic memories of 80's cinema and vintage synth sounds. Comprised of Dean Canty and Adam Sullivan, the band released their Scenes EP on February 28th -- an EP which included all of the synth-pop goodness you could ever want in a

Exclusive Video: “TwoSixOnes” Play AMBY A Song


The TwoSixOnes are back! The London quartet is comprised of Andre Bell (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Rich Williams (backing vocals and lead guitar), Rory Tufano (backing vocals and bass), and Jimmy Pallagrosi (backing vocals and drums). Their main mission? To make folks dance to their upbeat pop! In our latest

Exclusive Video: “Disco Fiasco” Play AMBY A Song

Disco Fiasco

Trust me on this one, Disco Fiasco are a band to watch out for this year. The energetic indie-rock quintet from Oulu, Finland are soon to release their debut album. So far, they have released their extremely tasty single Golden Hats for the world to enjoy. In a recent exclusive

PREMIERE: Geraint Rhys – “Ble Mae’r Haul?”

Geraint Rhys

We're delighted to share with the world Geraint Rhys' latest music video and release, "Ble Mae’r Haul?". Here are some words from the artist himself: Hey there world of AMBY, here is my second music video released in as many months and continues the collaboration with a local Welsh director Simon

“Winter in Toronto” Play AMBY A Song!

Winter in Toronto

Acoustic-folk duo Winter in Toronto have a knack for writing charmingly crafted, harmonious songs bursting with warmth. A Music Blog, Yea? got cozy with Winter in Toronto's Cameron Pickard and Ellis Mizen back in March. With the fall weather rolling in, there's no better time than now to familiarize yourself with



19 by NARCS NARCS' debut single 19 will be released July 20th. The track carries a superb amount of energy accompanied by NARCS' attitude laced with a wicked indie-punk vibe. We're excited to exclusively share this video with everyone! So, what are you waiting for? Take a peek below and indulge

“This Harbour” Play AMBY A Song!

This Harbour

Our friend Nathan Olmstead welcomes everyone into his world of This Harbour! That world includes some beautifully melodic and mellow songs, along with great harmonies and vocals you'll enjoy. This video also features Serra Jade's debut in This Harbour, so welcome her aboard and enjoy This Harbour as they play

“Lukas Drinkwater” Plays AMBY A Song!

Lukas Drinkwater has a gorgeous voice and a collection of beautifully written songs. We were very excited when he told us he'd play AMBY a song, so have a look and meet the incredible Lukas Drinkwater! Lukas Drinkwater- Be My Rock Facebook // Twitter // Website // [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbmYtBkHA58?feature=player_detailpage&w=640&h=360] Alicia Atout