Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Mutineers

Between the admiration and love they show for their fans and their constant showing of amazing tracks, Mutineers are giving the Manchester music scene some great music. With the release of their debut album Friends, Lovers, Rivals  and the drive this band has, they are definitely one to keep an eye

Let Me Introduce You To… The Mutineers

Manchester has been offering a plethora of terrific bands recently, but I'm quite glad I came across this one. The Mutineers express themselves through indie-pop music with the perfect touch of soul, which creates many great tunes. I immediately was intrigued with this band; not only is their music lovely,

Let Me Introduce You To… Holland

I'm ecstatic to have discovered a new band through Twitter! Holland are an ambient-indie group who originate from Brisbane, Australia. They describe their influences as a "constant revolving door". Some of them stem from The Beatles to Radiohead to Manchester Orchestra, and these influences can be heard in various tracks

Lyric of the Day: “Right Again”

Right Again by Eux Autres "When you're out winning cases, don’t forget to check your laces. Someday, you’re tripping on your best intentions. Keep it number one, I’ll be watching, I’ll be at the ready. Keep it number one, I’ll be waiting when they break your heart." The first time I

Let Me Introduce You To… Get Cubs

This band is like a little jingle you cannot get out of your head. Get Cubs are a four-piece from Staffordshire, England who pull you in with light and intriguing melodies that will make you feel great. I have been listening to Get Cubs for a couple hours this morning,

Lyric of the Day: “Gimme the Sign”

Gimme the Sign by The Enemy "Well you can press more buttons than a sky remote, but sing a tune and I bet you'll choke. Step outside 'cos we're coming through, we've got no time for this or you. It's time to give me the sign. And he's only moving slowly,