The Thespians // Ticket and Vinyl Giveaway

The Thespians

The Thespians' next Liverpool headline show will be at Korova Club on September 28th! Courtesy of the band, AMBY is giving away a pair of tickets to this gig, plus a vinyl of Under Siege! To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is fill out the form below and

Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ The Thespians


The Thespians are wonderful people making garage rock mixed with some elements of punk. The four-piece band from Liverpool have a fantastic set of songs, they have released their album Haven’t You Heard in March 2013 through Vinyl Junkie Records in Japan. At the moment, The Thespians are touring the

Live at Playlisted!


Live gigs come with an energy all their own. The band is energized by the crowd; the crowd by the band. New songs are tried; old ones are demanded. The bands grow, the fans want more. The relationship between the band and the crowd has always fascinated me. The quality

NBT & AMBY’s Must Hear Submissions: #2

From all the wonderful submissions NEXTBiGTHING & A Music Blog, Yea? have gathered so far, here are a few to check out! Be sure to contact us to see your band here soon too! Band: The Sofa Explosion Track We Really Dig: Lounge Band: Run Young Lovers Track We Really Dig: Haven't You Heard Band: